Aikido is a martial art of Japanese origin, framed within the so-called soft arts.It is mainly based on exploiting the strength and inertia of the opponent to control it, without using blows, but trying to join the inertia that the opponent offers us, to reverse it in our favor.Not being based on the use of force, it is an ideal art for girls or people with smaller wingspan or weight, although of course it can be practiced by anyone.

Aikido literally means “the path of union with energy,” meaning to explain that what is involved is not to fight against the force that opposes us, but rather to unite and harmonize with it to get free of a potential Aggression, whether in the form of grip, blow, onslaught, or other forms of attacks.
It is studied and applied by law enforcement agencies in different countries, and in Japan, it is a compulsory discipline for female police officers, since their study involves learning to redirect the opponent’s strength regardless of their size.
For these reasons it is a perfect tool through which to control our emotions and our body through experimentation (trial and error).


At the physical level, the art of Aikido provides joint flexibility, muscle elasticity, coordination, psychomotor skills, sense of space and balance, among many other benefits.
On the psychological and emotional level, Aikido helps us to develop internal security, based on self-control and non-violence; It also provides us with the healthy development of human relationships, since all exercises are performed in pairs or in groups.
We propose this art as a psychophysical activity, interested in the personal growth of its practitioners, in which competition is not used as a way of development, but rather the gradual overcoming of our own limits and in the integral development of the person.
In short, a complete method of physical, technical and moral education as its practitioners necessarily go through a process in which they develop humility, discipline and self-control.

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