Guidance from the soul: Dealing with Post pandemic situation and growing fear and insecurity in the society today

“ How can we free ourselves from suffering a live and happy harmonious life?”


Anytime that fear appears in your heart, recognise that fear is the lack of love, invite more love and light into your heart.

Open your chest and let the light that is already within you shines out. Let go of your mind, trust and trust and trust, all is going to be okay.


There is nothing out of control, everything is as you want it to be, everything is as you initially planned.


You have chosen to appear on this planet at this specific time and all these life events have been designed by you, before you, dear creator, appear on this planet.


This is the game, you wanted to participate in, you have been training hard to come on this planet at this specific moment. You are the consciousness that helps the transformation on this part of the universe.


We are all in this together, we are all helping this transformation to be smooth and easy.


Your heart is not a pump for the blood, it is the pump for life!


Your heart is pumping the life into your physical body and is the source of all your emotion.


Your heart is your tuning point to the network around you and it is the most powerful device you have inside your chest, embrace the power of your heart, open your heart and tune in your device to the vibration of unconditional, judgment free, love.


Your heart is your magic wand, you brought it with you to this realm, to help you to remember where you come from and how to manifest anything you want in your life!


Your heart is your tuning switch and helps you to tune into the vibration of infinite love, infinite realm of possibilities.



Your emotion is your guidance. Emotion is your energy in motion.


Your emotion is there to tell you whether you’re aligned with the vibration of love, in such case you feel home, you feel relaxed, you feel happy, or you are going towards the contrary direction, in such case you are struggling, like a fish in the river that is going in a counter direction of the water.


The emotion is your compass, at every given moment, pay attention to your emotion.


I don’t tell you to disconnect from the world around you, but I invite you to connect with the world inside you and use this powerful tool, this compass and check whether you are on the right direction or you are going backward down into the fear, down into the darkness, down back to the third dimension!


Your purpose is to move forward, going higher and higher, raising your vibration to Be and to enjoy the life.


Your purpose is not coming here to suffer, my darling, life is planned for you to enjoy and play like a little child, every single moment of it as if it’s a delightful game!


You come to this planet at this specific time, you have chosen your parents before you come here, you have chosen your game and you have been preparing for it long Before!


Don’t lose the connection to who you truly are and your true inner power! Claim your power! Anytime you see yourself struggling and sinking into the negativity, remember you are not going to the direction, that your soul planned for you.


Your soul never planned for you to go into the fear, however, no matter which direction you go, you will ultimately find the way home! Eventually you will wake up from this dream and you will see that you are loved, protected and secure!

We are all here next to you helping you, begging for your attention, to offer our help.  Open your heart and you will see we are in this with you.


 You are not alone, we are all part of this union, helping you to create the transformation needed on this planet.


You, beautiful conscious being, connect through your tuning device, in the center of your chest to this vast network of information and receive our support , you will realize that you are the one behind the scene creating the reality you’re living it.


Sometimes you jump into the struggle to awaken yourself to this wonderful reality, sometimes you need to go deeper in order to be able to jump higher!


Tap yourself on your back whenever you find yourself into the deepest and darkest moments of your life and prepare yourself for a remarkable change and transformation.

From the darkness you find your way to the light.

Look at the nature around you, all those creatures around you, are your guidance.

Observe the growth of a tree, how can you grow a seed without planting it deep into the dirt and darkness? Only from the dept of mud and darkness, the tiny seed can break the shell and pushes its way to the light.


My dear gorgeous friend, if you are dawn, if you are struggling, remember you are just breaking the cocoon you built around yourself and you’re going to transform to a beautiful and free butterfly soon.

You’re going to be singing in the garden , you’re going to be living in the heaven.


The idea of hell and heaven is something you have created in your mind.

When you raise your vibration, when you constantly vibrating in the frequency of love, gratitude, compassion or care, you are living in the heaven.

Claim your power back and shift your life to live in the heaven here and now.

No matter what goes around you, you always have control over what goes inside you.

When you are facing the adversity in life, pandemic, natural events, the loss of a loved one or any other stressful situations that causes the change of your frequency to a lower vibration, remember that you are always in control. Those events are all intended to help you to direct your attention inward. When you manage your inner emotion, independent of what’s going out there, you will be given the key to the heaven.

Heave is the state of mind, the state of inner peace and tranquility, faith and trust.

The longer you stay into the state of inner peace, the longer you are living in heaven.


So, you can see my darling that heaven is not a destination. Heaven is here and now, you tune in to the frequency of heaven, when you have an elevated emotion, and then again you tune out when you are stressed out, you tune in and you tune out, exactly like when you are listening to your radio devices. Tuning into a specific channel, changing it and tuning out and again tuning in into another frequency.


The entire purpose of creating radio devices is to show you how to use your heart as a tuning device.


The frequencies are around you exactly as all frequencies of the radio, or tv or satellite, and the tuning switch is inside your heart.


When you are driving on countryside and listening to the radio, you may experience in some area that the connection is not good, you can hear an unclear mixture of different frequencies,  but when you get to an area with good reception, you can listen to your favorite channel clearly and you are the one, who switches the radio to that specific channel, that specific frequency.


The process is the same in your life! Your heart is your switching device, like your radio.

You switch to different channels by shifting your emotions, your frequencies.

When you are shifting from a frequency to another, for a while you may hear all those noises, all those mixed up frequencies, mixed up emotions, but eventually you will tune in into the clear state of inner peace and this is the state of infinite love infinite realm of possibilities

Why it’s called infinite realm of possibilities? Because it has the entire potential inside it to create everything, absolutely everything you want.


You see my love; you have identified yourself so much with the physical reality that you forgot you are a spiritual being having physical experience.

You forgot who you truly are, as you moved throughout your life repeating the stories in your head about your physical identity, you have disconnected from the vast dimension, from the infinite space of possibilities.



If you want to create a transformation in your life, to live in beautiful loving harmony with everything and everyone around you, you need to access the power of your heart, and that’s very easy.

In fact the easiest thing you can even think of, is accessing the power of your heart.

It’s interesting because we are struggling so much into this physical reality that we can hardly believe that shifting our reality can be in fact very easy.


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Guided Meditation to awaken the power of your heart and alter your soul!


Close your eyes and relax, take a deep gentle breath in and out

Let go of your thoughts and breathe into the center of your chest

Fill up your chest with divine love, divine energy, feel the vibration of love, in the center of your chest and set a beautiful smile on your face

Be thankful and happy to dedicate yourself the time to regain your true power in this life

Visualise a beautiful heart in front of you, set an image of a shining glowing heart shape in your third eye, between your eyes and see this beautiful shining gold heart, pulsating energy and love to all over your body,


Direct this loving energy to your heart and fill your heart up with the sensation of happiness and gratitude. Set a gentle smile on your face.


Right now, you have activated the power of your heart


Now ask your heart any question you may have


and just rest your thoughts in your heart


Any answer that comes to you and crosses your mind, welcome them and invite them to rest gently in your heart area, as if you driving them with your exhalation down into your chest area


You may realize, when you rest your thoughts in your heart, the thoughts dissolve themselves into the frequency of love,

You may notice that all your worries are gone and you have entered a loving state of inner peace and tranquility


Your heart tells you: Everything is okay, trust that you are loved, you’re protected, you are secure


Right now with this simple exercise, you have created a coherent communication between your heart and your brain.

Your brain receives the signals of your heart that you are safe and it’s time to release healing hormones into your body as result you have boosted the immunity in your body


The longer you stay in this state, the more time you are giving yourself for healing and renewing.


Try to repeat this exercise as often as possible and remember to face the life with an open and brave heart.


You are loved you are protected you are secure!

Everything is exactly as it should be and is exactly as you, as a soul intended it to be, accept, trust and let go.


Now place your hand on your chest and feel the exchange of the energy between your palm and your heart, the energy goes from your hand to your heart and goes back again into your palm, like the infinity symbol. This is infinite love, infinite realm of possibilities!

By Shima Shad Rouh, Author of the Book”Infinite Love, Infinite realm of possibilities”


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