Creating a Bug Free Mind

A Revolutionary New Approach To Achieving All You Want From Life .

Maybe you’ve wondered many times why you cannot attain success at something; you spend your life trying one thing after another.

You see a few people making a success but the vast, vast majority of people never get anywhere. They and you don’t get anywhere because your minds are full of invisible bugs. Huge obstacles, which give you the appearance of you being stuck! But in truth are forcing you to just repeat the same mistakes again, and again throughout your entire life.

These bugs are like a computer virus, they are a pollution to the way you think and they nurture the chaotic thinking which is the biggest problem humanity has. They are the reason all of the businesses you’ve tried to start end up failing, or limping through.

They are the reason why your relationships fail or struggle. They are the reason why, when you buy a training course which you know works for others, it still fails for you. They and the lack of a structured thinking system are the reason why your life is not as you would like it. Your frustration grows, however, the reason for it and everything else you have ever tried failing is very simple.

You are installing good software onto a computer which is infected with viruses. Your mind is full of bugs and nothing will work until you clear those first. It’s the magical missing piece, the REAL reason why.

Your Bugs are hiding in the subconsciousness

With 60.000 thoughts a day, 90% repetitive, 80% negative or trying to prevent you from danger, 90% governed by the subconsciousness it can be a challenge to find and delete those mind bugs. 

Your mind is full of bugs and they are hindering you each and every step along the way to the financial success, the health or the relationship that you want. Unless you remove them then NOTHING you do, no new software will work, because you keep installing good software onto a bad machine.

But what if you could just hit the reset switch and clear out all the junk?

The World’s 1st Antivirus For The Human Mind Powered

You know when you use a computer and there is a build up of junk on it so it starts to run slow. Then after a while it really slows down and you give up and either restart it, or it doesn’t even give you that option and instead just freezes up? Yes it’s annoying just before you make the decision to restart. But at least you know when you’ve restarted your computer it will be clear of bugs and it will be free to work unhindered for a good while. Well your mind is very similar to a computer, except you have no ‘off’ button. You can’t just restart it in the same way, so there’s no easy way to clean out the ‘bugs’ …but for a moment, just imagine… what if you could?

As you go through life your mind fills up with junk, which can not only be the junk we recognise as bad such as limiting self-beliefs, or the wrong assumptions we have made thanks to our misunderstanding of the results we received.

Also, junk can be truths that you hold on to that you ‘believe’ to be true because experts tell you it is. Yet years later you find that all the things you did because of those wrong assumptions were all built on sand and it turns out the world isn’t flat, but it’s round.

Why is the success rate so low, when there are so many good books on how to achieve your goals.

Create a clear path to your dream life. Clear the road from bugs and blocks.

We've found a way that everyone could clear their mind from bugs

Anyone has the ability to restart their mind, remove all the viruses

install the world’s only antivirus software for the human mind. Would having a mind like that be worth your time?

Join us on this workshop and learn the methodology on how to free your mind from bugs, clear your limiting believes and empower your personal and professional life.

There are ONLY 20 SEATS awailable, due to limitations in Our Space.

Wednesday 29th. September at 6 pm – 7:30 pm followed by networking, drinks and aperitivo

Clear your path to a new goal

Now with this CLEAR mind you decide to load new software say learning to be financially free, live a healthier lifestyle, have the love relationship of your life or other areas where you want to grow. It could be anything you want it to be… As with a CLEAR mind and a structured way of thinking then you can DO anything

Now you are clear to think and whatever you choose to install into your life will now work. Well can you imagine how powerful that would be? Instead of everything you touched failing, everything you touch now turns to gold.

If you have tried to create a new business, create financial freedom, improve your health or finding the love relationship that you wanted, but failed in the past. It’s not your fault. Your mind and subconsciousness are filled with bugs and blockages that have been working against you. This can all stop right now if you are willing to clear the bugs and blocks from your mind.

Speaker Jens Belner

15 years Coaching & Psychotherapy, bug and block clearing experience

I’ve been through the bugs and blocks clearing myself and I would like to help you do the same. This will clear the path to your dream life, financial freedom, better health, the loving relationship or whatever you are dreaming of. 

I’ve had many dreams and goals. It was not until I started clearing bugs and blocks that the road to my dreams and successes came through. The road from where you are to where you want to be is not linear and there are som many hidden beliefs in the subconsciousness that I needed to cleared…

I have been working with spiritual and self-development for the last 20 years. I’m a certified life, business and relationship coach, ID psychotherapist and Theta Healer. I’ve been through it all with 54 years of life experience. Marriage, Break-ups, adulatory, dysfunctional and abusive relationships, parenting, being a father, corporate career, burnout, depression, entrepreneur failures, learning and success.

Pursuing my dream life, moved to another country with a one-way ticket and a good fate. Meeting my soul mate, becoming a father again and much more. I have heard all the stories from clients, friends and other psychotherapists. I want to help you and others to enjoy their experience here on planet earth. That’s why we are here. To enjoy our journey as long as it lasts.

Create a clear path to your dream life. Clear the road from bugs and blocks.

Guest Speaker Shima Shad Rouh

“On a mission to transform lives!”

More than 20 years of personal development work, removing menta bugs and clearing blockages to achieve the goals and dream life. Theta healer. 

A passionate Entrepreneur, Heart-intelligence Facilitator, Executive & Business Coach, Certifed Relationship Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Founder, and CEO of “Infinite Love” Coaching and Mindfulness Academy and natural therapy center in Marbella, Spain.

What you will discover

Discover clearing techniques that not only remove the negative blocks and counter-intentions, but elevate your consciousness to a new level of spiritual power

Learn lost ancient clearing techniques

Rewrite the “mental shorthand” that’s been keeping you from turning your dreams into reality… without you even realizing the damage being done

Get the one-step technique for transforming your thoughts to powerfully serve you and generate abundance in your life… even when you’re not consciously thinking about it

Discover how to leverage and dissolve limiting patterns almost instantly… even if you’ve been stuck for years

Spark your exhilarating spiritual awakening… giving you power and joy beyond anything most human beings could ever conceive of!

Shine a vibrant light on your most hidden beliefs… even if you have no idea what’s been holding you back!

Find out what only the world’s most enlightened spiritual masters know about recognizing belief patterns that stand between you and incredible abundance and happiness!

Get new, proven affirmations that will make clearing away stale, unhelpful beliefs as easy as possible!

Find out how almost everyone uses affirmations incorrectly… and how to integrate them the right way for life-changing results!

Banish unproductive beliefs with ease… and discover the freedom of unlimited power!

Find out how simple it is to banish “belief blocks” for good!

Reprogramming beliefs that attract abundance, joy, and opportunities to further your awakening!

Start attracting the exact life you’ve always wanted… filled with prosperity, amazing health, and supportive, happy relationships! 

Find out why most people don’t get anything out of working with a coach or mentor.. and how you can optimize your coaching experience for powerful results!

Rewiring your mind’s belief system and opening yourself up to spiritual awakening!

Get nearly instantaneous results in any area of life… all with one overlooked yet unstoppable technique!

Emotionally rewrite your story to transform negativity into limitless abundance!

Experience the profound awakening that you’ve only heard about… but always wanted for yourself!

Tap into the power of the imagination to orchestrate your own reality like a composer writing the world’s most beautiful symphony!

Melt away stagnation, doubt, and self-criticism effortlessly!

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"Bug Free Mind" Workshop
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