Course of Negotiations and Sales Techniques for Companies and Entrepreneurs


Mindfulness Academy Infinite Love is pleased to announce another educational course and workshop of negotiations and sales techniques for companies and entrepreneurs.

Nowadays, what distinguishes an efficient company from One that isn’t so much is the ability to adapt to the needs of the clients in order to be able to surpass their expectations, combining their productive efficiency and creating an image of professional excellence.
In this aspect, the great value are the people, they are the image of the company and those who are in direct contact with the customer. Giving them strategies and tools that allow them to be more effective is an investment that will greatly benefit the company and that is the goal of this course.

In the world of real estate any conversation is a potenital opportunity for a sale and, of course, a negotiation. Discovering the need of a client and bringing it closer to our product is a fundamental skill that can be developed so that it is not only the practice and experience of the seller that determines its effectiveness but also the knowledge of the psychological variables that govern the decision taking process of a person.

The objective of this Project

Our goal is to improve our results based on customer trust, loyalty and safety while working with us. In a world so open in which the lack of preparation makes the professionals take shortcuts, what sets a company apart is the quality of its service and achieving the best results through its superior preparation and training.
Provide the commercial team the necessary skills to increase their effectiveness and productivity through developing a greater capacity to determine the needs of each client, improve interpersonal communication, and master different negotiation and sales strategies that facilitate the successful end of a commercial intervention is our main goal.
In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to offer the attendees the necessary training to be able to:

Scope of the project

The scope of our professional collaboration includes the realization of:

  1. Evaluation of the needs of the participants with a representative of the company with the aim of designing the training session.
  2. The training sessions required to work on each of the proposed objectives according to identified needs.
  3. Evaluation of learning objectives and strengthening of the same.

Duration of the workshop and Economic Conditions

The calculation of our fees is made based on the hours that the professional invests in the project, valuation of their rate is based on their ability and experience. contact or more information.
Course Length can be in three formats:

8 hours. Emphasise the salesperson’s abilities to be able to discover the customer’s needs, overcome their resistance, and possess the basic communication skills that increase their business results.

12 hours. To the above are added strategies of negotiation, influence and persuasion.

16 hours. It delves deeper into the above aspects and defines the processes of an effective sale.

20 hours. The complete course where all the aspects proposed in the program are covered in depth.

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