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Awaken the power within your heart and transform your life!

October 22, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm UTC+0

Harness the "Power of your Heart" & transform your life! by Shima Shad Rouh Heart intelligence facilitator Marbella Spain founder of coaching academy infinite love
We’re living in a time of extremes. As the “customary” of our past transforms into a memory, and a NEW, and very different NORMAL arises, we’re all finding that our habits and timetables are disturbed in norms that we’re not used to, and not prepared for. From ever-changing principles for normal calendars that reach out from shopping, social occasions, gatherings, and sport events, to our most private interactions of blending and dating, the post-Covid19 world has changed the way where we think, and how we continue with our lives.
Science gives us that such sudden changes create a kind of stress that weakens our immune system, accelerates the ageing process, strains our relationships and catapults our survival instincts into high gear.
Our ability to overcome such a pressure and prosper in the new reality that we’ve blended to, is directly associated with the level of adaptability in our lives. And this is the inspiring news!
“Today’s best science reveals that within each of us is the capacity to embrace big change in a healthy way—to awaken, and maintain, the personal resilience that gives us mastery over the unexpected events of our lives.” Gregg Braden
Join us for the “Awaken the power within your heart” 60 minutes ONLINE workshop where you will learn
  • New scientific discoveries about the “heart’s little brain” called “heart intelligence”
  • Practical, easy-to-learn-steps to access the intelligence of your heart and command your brain deliberately to
  • Boost your immune system
  • Boost your energy level
  • Release anti-aging hormone (DHEA)
  • And improve the quality of your sleep
You will leave the session energised, empowered, and equipped with practical techniques to create more health and harmony in your personal and social life.
Check out ” Certified Heart-intelligence practitioner ” Online program to learn more about awakening the power within your heart and create resilience in time of adversity.https://www.infinitelove.academy/p/awaken-the-power-within-your-heart
For the first time, Shima Shad Rouh, author of the book “Awaken the power within your Heart”, Heart-intelligence facilitator, business and life empowerment coach and founder of coaching and Mindfulness Academy “Infinite Love” is going to explain recent scientific discoveries about the immense power of your heart, not only as a pump for blood but also as the body main task- master and source of intelligence with infinite power to create change and transformation in our personal, social, and global lives.
This webinar is part of contribution of “Infinite Love Academy” and FREE of charge. Our spaces are limited, first booked, first served.
Awaken the power within your heart full day retreat at shanti som marbella by shima shad rouh access your heart intelligence
Awaken the power within your heart full day retreat at shanti som marbella by shima shad rouh access your heart intelligence


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