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Harness the intelligence of your Heart and empower your life!

September 6, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 7:30 pm UTC+0

Awaken the power within your heart full day retreat at shanti som marbella by shima shad rouh access your heart intelligence

Humanity today is experiencing a great shift, an extreme time of change and transformation. Looking at the pandemic situation, global economic crises, growing number of conflicts, war and radical environmental changes bring a great state of fear, anxiety, and insecurity to our hearts. Science gives us that such sudden changes create a kind of stress that weakens our immune system, accelerates the ageing process, strains our relationships and catapults our survival instincts into high gear.

Our ability to overcome such a pressure and prosper in the new reality that we’ve blended to, is directly associated with the level of adaptability in our lives. And this is the inspiring news!

Today’s best science disclose that all of us have the inner ability to embrace the extreme change in a healthy way in order to awaken, and sustain our personal strength and manage unexpected events of our lives.

Emotional management is the most important tool we need to learn in order to create resilience and master unpredictable events in our lives.

In order to learn about emotions and the effect of them on our mental, emotional and social well-being, we need to first understand what is the real function of the heart and why accessing the wisdom of our heart has been always the centre of attention of our ancient teachings. “You may not have control over what goes out there, but you always have control over what goes inside your heart.” Shima Shad Rouh

Harness the power within your heart full day workshop at shanti som by Shima Shad Rouh
Harness the power within your heart full day workshop at shanti som by Shima Shad Rouh

Join me on this full day workshop and let’s learn together:

1. New scientific discoveries about the “heart’s little brain” called “heart intelligence”

2. Communication between heart and brain and its influence on our mental, emotional and social well-being

3. Practical, easy-to-learn technique to create coherence between your heart and your brain and command your brain deliberately to:

* Boost your immune system

* Boost your energy level

* Release anti-ageing hormone (DHEA)

* And improve the quality of your sleep

4. Recent scientific discoveries in epigenetics on how to reprogram your DNA and get rid of genetic disease

5. Scientific studies about the influence of our emotion on mental, emotional and physical health 6. Bio magnetic communication between people

7. Importance of accessing the intelligence of your heart and enhance your intuition

8. Practical easy-to-learn technique to access the intelligence of your heart

9. Influence of our emotions and attitude on other beings

10. Scientific studies about the influence of meditation on crime rate, violence, and war in the world

11. Meditation to create a peaceful world

You will leave the session energised, empowered, and equipped with practical techniques to create more health and harmony in your personal and social life.

The Workshop includes welcome drink and a delicious 3 course healthy lunch.

A full day retreat, at beautiful shanti som hotel near Marbella, where Shima Shad Rouh, Heart-intelligence facilitator, Business and life empowerment coach, the Author of the book “The power within your heart” and the founder of “Coaching and Mindfulness Academy Infinite Love” will take you through a journey of self-actualisation and share with you the latest scientific discoveries of Heart-math institute about the intelligence of the heart and how to access it, teachings of the world bestselling authors and great scientist such as Gregg Braden, Joe dispenza, Bruce Lipton in combination with Spiritual teachings of world greatest leaders such as Rumi, Shams, Dr.Waye Dyer among many others, to equip you with the right tools to empower your personal, social and global well-being.
This workshop is offered to a small group of attendees. Make sure to book your seat in time and take an important step toward a brighter future. 
Book your ticket here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/awaken-the-power-within-your-heart-and-transform-your-life-tickets-117187578201
Any trouble with booking? Contact us: Info@infinitelove.es

Below you can find our lunch Menu:


Harness the "Power of your Heart" & transform your life! Full day retreat at Shanti Som Marbella Malaga Spain by Infinite Love Coaching academy


This workshop will be followed by an online group coaching program for those of you interested in integration of the offered methodology in your daily life .

 I help you to to access the intelligence of your heart and create a lasting change in your life.

My methodology is as below:

I will help you to:

1.Clarify your direction by setting a crystal clear vision

2. Strategize your actions

3. Upgrade your Skills

4. Improve your environment

5. Master your psychology

6. Discover limiting believes that are sabotaging your success and learn how to shift them to new empowering believes. 

Join me and learn How to create Resilience in the time of adversity! Discover more here: https://infinitelove.es/heart-intelligence-group-coaching-program


heart mind coherence by shima shad rouh infinite love academy marbella spain






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