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Relationship coaching and Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala, India

December 20, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - December 30, 2019 @ 12:00 pm UTC+0


Are you and your partner ready to feel a deeper loving connection with each other while keeping your relationship passionately alive?
No matter how healthy or challenged, every couple can benefit from learning a new, effective, caring way to communicate so that each person feels that their emotions and choices are respected and valued.
Our  Relationship Retreats include:
How to love the unique person you are with.
Practical ways to support each other when things get challenging.
How to manifest your individual goals while also taking care of each other.
How to create equality and support, rather than blame and power struggles.
Unlocking and resolving what’s behind annoying or confrontational patterns so you can end them for good.
Easy and fun ways to revitalize your joy and passion.
Discover how your differences can actually bring you closer together!


You can book only the 40 hour  workshop with us or the full retreat including personalized daily Ayurveda treatment , daily Ayurveda toga and 5 daily Ayurveda personalized meal and accommodation at beautiful ocean garden in Janesh Vaidaya Ayurveda village in dolphin beach in Kerala.

Click Here if you want to book ONLY the workshop



7 reasons that makes your stay at Janesh Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village at Dolphin Beach unique compared to other Ayurveda centers in India:

The Ayurveda hotel is situated in the middle of a local village at the coast of Arabian ocean which is not yet spoiled by tourists.

We only take small groups of guests at a time, which gives us time to take personal care of each guest.

There are no ready made treatment programs in Janesh Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village. Each guest’s treatments, oils and herbs are designed according to their present health condition after the first consultation with the chief physician.

There are no general yoga styles/practice at our retreat. Each guest’s yoga program will be designed according to their body-mind condition, which will be planned at the personal meeting with the yoga therapist.

There are no common diet for our guests – The food is not only animal free, gluten free and sugar free, but also designed according to the guest’s prakruti (birth dominating element) or vikruti (out of balance).

Daily yoga /meditation workshops /cooking classes to enhance the participant’s physical and mental skills.

A holiday ambiance – though Vaidya’s deep cleansing and rejuvenating treatment programs are highly therapeutically and done by experienced Ayurveda physicians and expert therapists without compromising the authenticity of traditional Ayurveda, because of our hospitality and a relaxing accommodation at the Dolphin Beach, every guest feels a holiday ambiance during their stay in a serene village.


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