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In an executive business coach and sparring process, the top executive, business owners and senior management, will transform the leadership and increase decision-making power.

The transformation will impact you personally and the people and company you lead in order to create maximum organizational and business impact. The transformation ensure a clear link to the vision, values, strategy, business development, core tasks and financial results.

The executive business coaching and sparring that I work with, can involve any of the scenarios below.

Executive business coaching

My experience and background as a executive business coach

I all my different leadership roles I have used business coaches. The best results comes from coaches that can relate to my challenges and have had similar experiences themselves. Therefore it’s important for me that my business coach have executive experience and experience with the different leadership frames, being corporate, startup and international.

Personal leadership coaching

The yield of Executive Coaching and Sparring can be, for example

Methods, roles and perspectives in the executive business coaching

Depending on your situation and needs, I will apply different methods, roles and perspectives to the coaching process. The approach and methods and roles will change during the executive business coaching process in order to ensure a powerful transformation of your executive leadership.

30 days challenge – what would you like to achieve in the next 30 days?

If you had the chance to transform your business leadership in the next 30 days, what would you like to achieve? How would you describe your situation in 30 days? What would you think? What would be your behavior? What would be your believes? What results would you have created? I will encourage you to make a commitment to yourself. Set a goal for your business leadership that you would like to achieve in 30 days. Write the objective and what you would like to achieve to me. I will send you encouragements and additional questions during the next 30 days and remind you on the goals you have set. This process is free of charge. You can only win and learn.

When you have made it to executive level or decided to start your own business you have already been successful. If you can think and feel your dream and next goal, then you are already half way there.

If you want your startup to take off, take your business to the next level, improve leadership performance in the corporate world or develop your personal business plan, then book a free 20 minute business consulting session. I would like to know more about your leadership challenges and tell you how I can contribute to your next success.

I’m looking forward to hear from you

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Jens Belner

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