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Theta Healing is a very effective technique that involves employing a conscious theta brainwave to directly reach and alter the subconscious mind, resulting in miraculous quick healings and life transformations.

Vianna Stibal invented Theta Healing by accident in 1995 when she miraculously treated life-threatening cancer in her leg. She spent the next few years trying to figure out exactly what happened when her leg healed, and she developed an easily teachable, step-by-step procedure that anyone can quickly master.

Financial freedom by Infinite Love coaching theta-healing, akashic-healing, Marbella, Spain

Most of us, consciously or unconsciously believe that money is the source of evil, this is something we have been programmed with and therefore we have a very complicated relationship with money. Once we realize that money is a form of energy and follows the laws of energy, we learn how to improve our relationship with it and we can create a stream of abundance and financial prosperity in our lives.

Accessing the subconscious mind with muscle-testing

It is possible to shift the subconsciously held belief systems that are blocking us from health, wealth, and love relationships using the Theta Healing process instantly, effortlessly, and permanently.

One of the methods to access the information in the subconscious mind is the kinesiology technique of muscle testing. Muscle testing is a powerful method to access the information stored in the cellular memory of our muscles.

“How does muscle testing work?”

when you speak or think anything that resonates as real with the subconscious mind, the electromagnetic field around your body become stronger

Similarly, when you say or think something that the subconscious mind perceives as false, the electromagnetic fields around your body weaken.

We can evaluate muscular strength to estimate the strength of the electromagnetic field surrounding a person because the strength of the electromagnetic field that surrounds that muscle is influenced by the strength of the electromagnetic field that surrounds that muscle.

Hence, by using the technique of muscle testing, we can ask direct yes and no questions of the subconscious mind, and thereby find out exactly what kind of limiting beliefs and blockages are stored in our subconscious mind.

What do we do during a tetha-healing session?

During a theta-healing session (for financial blockages), I will check your subconscious beliefs about money and financial prosperity through a series of questions such as:

I have to work hard to make a living.”

“Working hard is a family tradition.”

“I have to be poor to be close to God”

“Money is the root of all evil”

 “Rich people are greedy”

“I need to be poor to be a great artist”

If the answer to the blocks is yes, I use the power of theta healing to remove that blockage and replace that limiting belief with an empowering one.

Therefore a theta-healing session contains two main part:

  1. Muscle Testing, to find out what exactly is and is not in your subconscious mind
  2. Theta Healing, to shift the subconscious mind to be in alignment with what we consciously wish to create in our lives (typically health, wealth, or a loving relationship!)
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