Synergy of Success

Where Well-being, Health and Success Align

Synergy of Success: Where Well-being, Health and Success Align

Transformative Coaching and Healing Program

Imagine a life where you are thriving in every aspect – physically vibrant, emotionally balanced, and abundantly successful. Welcome to a transformative journey that empowers you to reach new heights and embrace your true potential. At Synergy of Success, we believe in the infinite possibilities that lie within you, waiting to be unlocked.

Step into a world of wellness, where Coaching and Healing Modalities converge, offering you unparalleled transformation and achievement. Picture yourself guided by skilled coaches, each session tailored to your specific needs – whether it’s finding your life purpose, excelling in business, or cultivating deeper connections in relationships. Our dedicated team led by visionary leader Shima Shad Rouh is here to walk alongside you, empowering you to overcome challenges and design a life of fulfillment.

Imagine experiencing the powerful synergy of Body Code and Emotion Code, tapping into the wisdom of your physical and energetic body. As you release trapped emotions and embrace balance, envision a newfound sense of vitality and emotional freedom flowing through every fiber of your being.

Embrace the extraordinary realm of Theta Healing, where you’ll reprogram limiting beliefs and step into a life illuminated by empowerment and purpose. Picture yourself making quantum leaps in personal growth and manifesting your dreams with precision and clarity.

Envision a life liberated from the shackles of past traumas, as our compassionate Trauma Therapists guide you through healing and restoring inner harmony. Imagine embracing a future filled with resilience and strength, unburdened by the weight of past pain.

Journey into the mystical realms of the Akashic Records, accessing profound insights into your soul’s journey. Witness karma clearing, implant cleaning, and the transformational healing of relationships, paving the way for a life of deep fulfillment and spiritual alignment.

As you immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of Quantum Healing, picture your intuition heightened, decision-making sharpened, and desires manifested effortlessly. Step into the abundant flow of life, aligned with your authentic self and embracing boundless possibilities.

Welcome to Synergy of Success – a transformative experience where your potential knows no bounds. Picture yourself flourishing in all areas of life – body, mind, heart, and soul. Our unique combination program is tailor-made to unlock the best version of yourself, as you journey towards well-being, health, and the pinnacle of success.

Your dreams are within reach. Empower your journey today and start living the life you’ve always imagined. The path to well-being, health, and success begins here.

Why Choose Our Program?

Why Choose Synergy of Success: Your Path to Empowerment

1. Holistic Transformation: Our program offers a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of your life. From personal growth and relationship improvements to business success and spiritual alignment, we’ve got you covered. You’ll experience a comprehensive transformation that touches every facet of your being.

2. Customized for You: Unlike one-size-fits-all programs, Synergy of Success tailors each session to your specific needs and goals. We understand that every individual is unique, and we work closely with you to design a personalized roadmap to success and fulfillment.

3. Powerful Modalities: Our combination of Coaching, Body Code, Emotion Code, Theta Healing, Trauma Therapy, Akashic Healing, and Quantum Healing creates a potent blend of modalities that accelerate your progress. You’ll benefit from a wide range of techniques to address challenges and unlock your true potential.

4. Expert Guidance: Led by Shima Shad Rouh, a visionary leader and expert coach, our team of skilled practitioners is dedicated to guiding you through your transformative journey. Shima’s diverse background and compassionate approach will inspire and empower you to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

5. Unlimited Support: Throughout your program, you’ll receive unwavering support from our team. We are committed to your success and will be there every step of the way, providing encouragement, insights, and practical strategies to help you stay on track.

6. Results-Driven: At Synergy of Success, we are focused on results. Our Results Coaching Program ensures that each session is designed to measure your progress, challenges, and opportunities. This data-driven approach enables us to fine-tune your program for maximum effectiveness.

7. Flexible Program Length: Choose from our 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year program options, depending on your preferences and desired intensity. With flexible session scheduling, we can accommodate your availability and cater to your needs.

8. Comprehensive Healing: Embrace a program that not only focuses on your mental and emotional well-being but also addresses physical healing. With Body Code and Emotion Code, you’ll release trapped emotions, toxins, and imbalances, promoting overall wellness.

9. Spiritual Connection: Our program goes beyond the surface level, delving into the realm of spirituality and the Akashic Records. Gain profound insights into your soul’s journey, clear karmic imprints, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and the universe.

10. Create Your Ideal Life: Imagine a life where you are thriving in all aspects – health, relationships, career, and personal fulfillment. Synergy of Success empowers you to create the life you desire and deserve, helping you step into your greatness and live a life of purpose.

Choose Synergy of Success today and embark on a transformative journey towards empowerment, well-being, and success. Unlock your full potential and embrace the life you’ve always dreamed of. The time to rewrite your story starts now.

Who can benefit from this program?

Our “Synergy of Success” program is tailor-made for individuals seeking to break free from obstacles, unleash their potential, and create a life they truly desire. If you’re committed to personal growth, ready to embrace change, and yearning for a profound transformation, this program is for you.

The Benefits: Your Path to Success and Fulfillment

  • Empowerment to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.
  • A deeper understanding of yourself and your unique life purpose.
  • Improved relationships and emotional well-being.
  • Physical healing and enhanced well-being.
  • A heart-centered approach to building a successful life or business.
  • Unlocking your true potential for unlimited growth.

Are you ready to find joy and happiness beyond material possessions?

Program Outline

Our Powerful Modalities: Unlocking Your True Potential

Coaching (Life, Business, Relationship, Spiritual, Life Purpose, Self-Love, Heart-Intelligence):

Our highly skilled coaches are passionate about empowering individuals like you to unleash your fullest potential. Whether it’s helping you discover your life purpose, guiding you to build a heart-centered business, or fostering stronger and more fulfilling relationships, our coaching sessions are customized to meet your specific needs. You’ll receive unwavering support and practical strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Body Code and Emotion Code:

Unleash the power of holistic healing with Body Code and Emotion Code! These revolutionary modalities work on multiple levels, addressing misalignments in your physical organs, energetic body, and meridians. We delve deep into your emotional landscape to release trapped emotions, freeing you from past baggage and energetic blockages. Say goodbye to toxic influences, pathogens, and imbalances while optimizing your nutrition and lifestyle for vibrant well-being.

Theta Healing:

Prepare to tap into the extraordinary realm of Theta Healing. By accessing the theta brainwave state, we dive into the subconscious mind to uncover limiting beliefs that have held you back. Our skilled practitioners will expertly guide you through the process of reprogramming these beliefs, infusing your core with empowering thoughts and fostering personal growth. You’ll witness profound transformations as you step into a brighter, more purposeful existence.

Trauma Therapy:

Healing from past traumas is a crucial step towards creating a fulfilling future. Our compassionate trauma therapists create a safe and nurturing space for you to explore and heal emotional wounds. By using evidence-based therapeutic techniques, we help you process your experiences, build resilience, and restore a sense of inner harmony. Embrace a newfound sense of strength and wholeness as you release the burdens of the past.

Akashic Healing and Reading:

Journey into the mystical realms of the Akashic Records with us! This ancient wisdom holds the key to understanding your soul’s journey across lifetimes. Through karma clearing and implant cleaning, we release the entanglements that hinder your growth. Experience powerful regression and progression techniques that reveal vital insights and propel you towards your life purpose. Witness the profound healing of relationships and emotional wounds as you access this boundless source of enlightenment.

Quantum Healing:

Welcome to the cutting edge of energy medicine – Quantum Healing! By harnessing the potent energy of the quantum field, we can effect powerful shifts in your reality. Experience heightened intuition, improved decision-making, and an amplified manifestation of your desires. Step into alignment with your authentic self and embrace a life of abundance and fulfillment.

At Synergy of Success, our unique combination program synergizes these modalities to create an integrated and transformative experience. You’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, profound healing, and incredible growth. Your dreams are within reach, and our dedicated team, led by visionary leader Shima Shad Rouh, is here to guide you every step of the way.

What you will receive?

  • One-on-one online coaching sessions of 90 minutes with Shima Shad Rouh
  • Personalized guidance, support, and accountability tailored to your specific needs and goals
  • Access to valuable resources, tools, and exercises to enhance your learning and growth
  • Ongoing email support between sessions for additional guidance and clarification

Meet Your Transformational Coach

Shima Shad Rouh

Shima Shad Rouh is a visionary entrepreneur, renowned business and life empowerment coach, and the Founder and CEO of Infinite Love Coaching and Holistic Health Resort. With a passion for guiding individuals towards their highest potential, Shima has dedicated her life to helping others transform their lives and achieve holistic well-being.

As a highly sought-after coach, Shima combines her extensive knowledge and experience in business strategy, personal development, and holistic healing to create powerful transformations for her clients. She believes in the power of a scientific-spiritual approach, bridging the gap between science and spirituality to unlock limitless possibilities.

Shima’s expertise lies in empowering individuals to overcome their limitations, tap into their inner wisdom, and create sustainable success in all areas of life. Her unique coaching methods integrate heart-centered principles, mindset transformation techniques, and energy healing modalities, such as Theta healing and emotion code, to help her clients break through barriers and achieve profound personal and professional growth.

With a genuine commitment to serving others, Shima is deeply passionate about creating positive change in the world. Through her coaching programs, retreats, and transformative workshops, she has touched the lives of countless individuals, empowering them to lead lives of purpose, abundance, and fulfillment.

In addition to her coaching work, Shima is also a best-selling author, with her book “Infinite Love: My Journey to Better Health, Relationships, and Finances Applying a Scientific-Spiritual Approach” inspiring readers around the globe. Her book provides valuable insights and practical tools for achieving optimal health, nurturing meaningful relationships, and attaining financial abundance through a holistic approach.

Shima’s mission is to empower individuals to live authentically, create thriving businesses, and make a positive impact on the world. With her guidance, support, and unwavering dedication, she continues to inspire and transform the lives of those she serves.

Shima Shad Rouh, Transformation Coach, Multidimensional therapist, best selling author, founder of Infinite Love Coaching and holistic health in Spain

Transformations Await: Hear From Those Who've Experienced It


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey? Choose “Synergy of Success” and take the first step towards realizing your true potential. Unlock the doors to success, fulfillment, and profound personal growth. Book your program today and embrace the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program and what is the structure of the coaching sessions?

A: You have the flexibility to choose a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year program. The 3-month program includes 10 sessions, the 6-month program includes 20 sessions, and the 1-year program offers 33 sessions. In all of our programs, you have the option to schedule sessions more frequently for a more intensive transformational experience.

Is this program suitable for any specific challenges?

A: Yes, our program is designed to address various challenges, including personal growth, business development, relationship issues, spiritual exploration, and healing emotional and physical traumas. We tailor the sessions to your specific needs, ensuring a personalized approach for your journey

Tailormade Program


Click on “Sign Up ” button below to secure your spot in this life-changing coaching program


Click on “Sign Up ” button below to secure your spot in this life-changing coaching program


Click on “Sign Up ” button below to secure your spot in this life-changing coaching program

Still have questions? Contact us directly for further information and personalized assistance.

Are you curious to delve deeper into the world of Shima Shad Rouh? Immerse yourself in her latest best-selling book and explore the profound ideology of “Infinite Love.” Discover her unique scientific-spiritual approach to enhancing your health, nurturing relationships, and transforming your financial well-being. Get your copy now and unlock the secrets to a more fulfilling life!

Infinite Love

My Journey To Better Health Relationship And Finances Applying A Scientific-Spiritual Approach.

In this book, Shima has a whole chapter dedicated to self-love - A fundamental solution to our suffering - the foundation of a happy and fulfilling Relationship. It all starts with self-love.

“Infinite Love” is a fascinating and inspiring memoir by Shima Shad Rouh. Born during the war between Iran and Iraq in Tehran, Shima’s life was marked by extraordinary challenges and a lifelong dedication to finding solutions for human suffering. Through her journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, she developed powerful tools that have transformed her own life and the lives of many others. In this book, Shima shares her ideology and teachings, which she crafted through years of in-depth research in science and spirituality.

She addresses essential questions such as:

  • Who are we?
  • What is our purpose here?
  • How can we live to our fullest potential and manifest our desired outcomes?
  • How can we improve our health and set our bodies on auto-healing mode?
  • How can we break free from financial blockages and create sustainable wealth?
  • How can we experience true love in our relationships?
  • How can we create a peaceful world in a practical and enhanced way?
  • And, how can we look within and ask our “inner guru” for guidance?

Shima’s masterful way with words and her remarkable ability to set vivid scenes invites the reader to live the memoir alongside. Each teaching in the book is accompanied by simple and easy-to-apply exercises to help readers on their journey of self-mastery and spiritual growth.

Book a discovery session with

Shima Shad Rouh

I have more than 20 years of experience and knowledge to tailor the best approach and solution to your current situation and life path.My general methodology is as below:

I will help you to:

  • Clarify your direction by setting a crystal-clear vision
  • Strategize your actions
  • Upgrade your Skills
  • Improve your environment
  • Master your psychology
  • Discover limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success and learn how to transform them into empowering beliefs and move freely toward your desire

During a discovery session, I can help you clarify your direction and vision. Find the things that are stopping your or holding you back and make a clear plan. Book this empowering 60 minutes session that has a value/price of 150€.

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Discover her unique scientific-spiritual approach to enhancing your health, nurturing relationships, and transforming your financial well-being.

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