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Shima shad rouh business coach relationship coach heartintelligence facilitator Author founder of Coaching and Mindfulness academy Infinite Love Marbella costa del sol spain

Shima Shad Rouh / Founder / Business and life Empowerment Coach

Infinite Love Academy

Shima is a passionate Entrepreneur, Executive & Business Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, Motivational Speaker & Founder of Coaching & Heart-centredness Academy Infinite Love. She has more than 15 years experience in International Business Development Organizational & Individual Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring. She speak English, Spanish, German & Persian Fluently, travelled more than 180 days a year for the past 15 years & lived in 6 different countries & 3 continents. Apart of her academic study & master degree in Didactic & Educational Activities, she has studied NLP( Neuro-linguistic- programming), Organization Coaching,  Leadership Mindset training, Relationship Coaching, Communication, Mindfulness, Heart-intelligence, Akashic reading and healing, Psychology  &  among them also Quantum Physics.

Dr. med. Carlos Villeda Posada / MD. and Chinese Medicine Therapist

Infinite Love Academy
Dr. Carlos Villeda Posada, holds a doctorate in medicine from the University of Hamburg in Germany. He has worked in the Units of Internal Medicine, Radiology and Surgery  of the University Hospitals Eppendorf and Wandsbeck of Hamburg. He completed his doctoral thesis at the Heinrich-Pette Institute for Experimental Virology and Immunology in Hamburg. He then worked as a research scientist at the Center for molecular biology “Severo Ochoa”, Superior Center for Scientific Research (CSIC), Madrid.
Antonio De Dios, Psychologist Infinite Love Coaching Academy Marbella Malaga Spain

Antonio de Dios González / Psychologist

Infinite Love Academy
Antonio de Dios González, holds a degree in psychology from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid .
He is the founder and director of Avatar Psychologists and manage the Psychology Department of Quiron Hospital in Marbella.
Jens Belner Infinite Love Coaching Academy

Jens Belner /Psychotherapist and Men Empowerment Coach

Infinite Love Academy

Jens is a passionate Executive & Business Coach, Psychotherapist, and Digital Sales & Marketing professional. He has more than 19 years International Commercial Leadership Experience from fortune 500 companies as well as startups. He has an international outlook and experience with extensive travel, enjoys to work with different cultures. He speaks English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German and learning Spanish. He holds a Master of Science in Economics, Certified Business Coach, psychotherapist, relationship coach, Mentor at Copenhagen Business School and has been a member of several advisory boards.

Antonio Mendez Guzman Business Coach infinite Love Coaching Academy Marbella Malaga Spain

Antonio Mendez Guzman / Executive Coach

Infinite Love Academy

Antonio is a Senior Consultant, Executive Coach and Professor-speaker in different and prestigious business schools and universities. (Instituto de Empresa, CEU, Nebrija, UIMP, C: E: Garrigues, Polytechnic University, EOI and Alcalá de Henares University, among others.) 

Gonzalo Torquemada de la Hoz Children Coach At Infinite Love Coaching Academy Marbella Malaga Spain

Gonzalo Torquemada de la Hoz / Children Coach

Infinite Love Academy

My profile is interdisciplinary, although the Sociological background predominates with a Doctorate in Education (UMA). I am a university professor in Behavioral Sciences and Sociology (UMUC), and adviser for Governmental Institutions (Council of Europe, Government of the Balearic Islands, High Commissioner for Human Rights at the Basque Parliament, etc.) and NGOs (Advisory Council of Unicef-Spain, Cáritas, Red Cross, etc.) always devoted to Childhood and Adolescence.

Pilar Ruiz Cajas Life Coach at infinite Love Coaching Academy Mabrella Malaga Spain

Pilar Ruiz Cajas / Life Coach

Infinite Love Academy

More than 15 years ago I gave a turn to my life and left the public administration, to dedicate myself deeply to the world of  life Coaching and Yoga. Since then I have helped and accompanying more than 3000 people to live a better life in a more serene way.

mahshid esmaeeli infinite love academy Marbella Malaga Spain Children Psychologist

Mahshid Esmaeeli / Psychologist in parents-children relationship

Infinite Love Academy

Mahshid  is passionate in psychology and had her training in Italy and Iran. Over the the past decade, she has always traveled and lived in different countries, she also speaks Italian, English and Persian fluently. Mahshid has worked for many years with children in multicultural and multilingual educational systems and immigrants as well. She has been attending several courses in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, theories of personality, transactional analysis, art therapy, education and bilingualism , learning disorders , hypnosis ,narrative therapies and is the author and translator of articles about philosophy, pedagogy and psychology.

Sally Greensitt reflexologist at Infinite Love Health Center, Marbella Malaga Spain

Sally Greensitt / Reflexologist

Infinite Love Academy

After being deeply influenced by a Reflexologist she met in her late teens Sally trained as a Reflexologist in 2004 with advanced techniques using the Eunice Ingham method for the feet. She has since gone on to further her techniques and combine her knowledge with natural immunity. For the past 30 years and more Sally has had an unwavering passion in the pursuit of healing the body naturally. As a young child upon hearing what a dietician was she told her mother that when she grew up she was going to help people ‘get better’ and since then her passion in the healing arts has grown. At the age of 14 an unfortunate illness within her family initiated Sally’s deep interest in the truth about natural immunity and healing.

Sonia Espinoza Massage therapist at Infinite Love Healing Center, Marbella, Malaga, Spain

Sonia Espinoza/ Massage Therapist

Infinite Love Academy

In the midst of the emotional conflicts from daily worries and tasks, one day my body collapsed. I had pain all over my body, felt overwhelmed and tired, didn’t really know what to do. One of my friends suggested me to book a therapeutic, relaxing massage. This was the first time for me to experience a therapeutic massage, I could feel how stress was releasing bit by bit from my body and my mind became quiet. It’s been long time since I could relax this deep, a euphoric feeling of well-being and happiness sat on my body and I thought by myself: “How fulfilling should be this experience for the therapist, when she sees the result in her client.”

All my life I was looking for the best way to help others and that day, I have decided to become a massage therapist.

Alejandra Dotor / Psychologist at Infinite Love Coaching academy Marbella Malaga Spain

Alejandra Dotor / Psychologist

Infinite Love Academy

I am a lover of life, a woman who accumulates youth and looks at the world as if it did for the first time. I graduated as a Social Psychologist and put into practice what I learned, with my compilation of experiences, for 16 years.

Warren Adams Nutritionist at Infinite Love

Warren Adams, Nutritionist

Infinite Love Academy

After being diagnosed with cancer and an almost failed liver in 2012, Warren set out on a path to heal himself with everything that nature has to offer.

Once he had healed himself, his mission became healing and helping others. He has since become a leading expert on wheatgrass, having started two companies to “bring wheatgrass to the world”.
Warren is also now a qualified nutritionist and specialises in helping people with cancer. He is constantly expanding on his knowledge and skills and is always ready to help.

Fermin Suarez Yoga Teacher at Infinite Love Coaching Academy Marbella

Fermin Suarez / Yoga Professor

Infinite Love Academy

I started at the age of 14 with the practice of Zen meditation with Manuel Carrillo.My beginnings in yoga were self-taught following my instinct on a physical level, by the knowledge I had of the functioning of the body anatomically by the physical disciplines I had done previously, also wanting to follow a spiritual path in which my referent was Paramahansa Yogananda. I started ashtanga at age 24 and continued with practicing of various styles: Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow etc touring different schools in the country. After 12 years of practice of different styles I decided to contribute to my practice the concepts of Hatha yoga and I trained with the international school of yoga with swami krishnananda. By giving more to my path and my practice.

Guiomar Moraleda Encarnación Instructor of Aikido, Thai Chi and Personal Defence at Infinite Love Coaching Academy Marbella Malaga Spain

Guiomar Moraleda Encarnación / Instructor of Aikido, Thai Chi and Personal Defence

Infinite Love Academy

Guiomar  started her journey as instructor of Aikido in 2007 and 5 years ago she opened her own center  (DOJO) in Sevilla, where in addition to the ordinary classes, she has launched several projects to help the people with physical or intellectual disability.

ANA BELEN MÉDEZ MACIAS / Certified Midwife

Infinite Love Academy

She is dedicated to the are of women for more than 10 years and accompanies them integrally through the process of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. A phase as special as developing a new life, deserves attention, respect and a conscious preparation for an event that will transform the life not only the pregnant but the life of their partner and their environment.

PABLO D´ALOIA Sound Therapist at Infinite Love Coaching Academy Marbella Malaga Spain

PABLO D´ALOIA / Sound Therapist

Infinite Love Academy
Born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1978, he started at Hatha Yoga more than 20 years ago. Love hatha traditional yoga and believes that all roads lead to the integration of being and that we are eternal apprentices.
He uses various mental techniques, Nidra and the Tibetan bowls as tools to add psychophysical well-being, so that together with rehabilitative doctors and psychologists they have revised them, leading him to teach tetraplegia and intellectual disability as well, cause he feels it is for All, that yoga is not only the mat, but a path of personal growth from self-knowledge.
Petra Fürup Shiatsu Therapist at Infinite Love Coaching academy Marbella Malaga Spain

Petra Fürup / Shiatsu Therapist

Infinite Love Academy

I Started with my Shiatsu experience 14 years ago. Shiatsu is a great treatment which helps to release the tension and improve the blood circulation in the body without any side effect.Simply  a soft palm and finger pressure on the TMC Meridians of the body brings back the balance to the body, mind and soul.

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