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Shima Shad Rouh

At the age of 19, I embarked on my career with a German company in the department of international sales and trade. After just a few months of working with them, I was promoted as the manager of the department composed of 120 employees.

The business was booming and I was extremely satisfied with my career. But, a vacation trip to Marbella for the very first time in 2006 was probably the biggest turning point in my life. The area’s amazing weather and being surrounded by Spanish people known for their easy going way of thinking made me decide to move to Marbella for good and enjoy the rest of the my life here while I am still young without waiting for my retirement before moving here.

Not long after moving to Marbella, I founded my very own company with a special delegation in Tehran and a total of 25 employees. This marked the start of my career as an entrepreneur.

The years of being an entrepreneur brought ups and downs to my life but the challenges helped hone my skills, thus paving my way to success. I also had to go on trips 180 days every year in which I dealt with different cultures and nations and competed in a primarily masculine working environment. This encouraged me to study human science, as well as theology, quantum physic, NLP, and psychology as a way to empower my relationship with other people and gain a better understanding of different cultures and nations.

Then, December 2016 came, and this is when my life changed all over again. A tumor was discovered in my mother’s brain. My whole world collapsed and I had to face my life’s biggest fear – losing my mother.

I thought that being independent means that I shouldn’t be afraid of anything in life but the thought of losing my mom proved to be the one thing that can easily destroy me. Never did I imagine that this day will arrive so soon.

Things became worst when my family made her undergo brain surgery without my knowledge that caused her to be in coma. I tried to use conventional and natural treatments so she can get out of the hospital but my family never listened.

I was confident that these natural treatments could be of help just as how it helped my Spanish business partner, whom I looked up to as a real father, who was also diagnosed with tumors all over his body. I just felt so helpless that I couldn’t do the same thing for my own mother.

My mother passed away not soon after. This is what made me think that if I couldn’t be of help to my own mother, the least I can do is to help other people in need. During my flight back to Marbella, I wrote down the concept of natural healing center and mindfulness academy, and after two months, Infinite Love project was launched.

Infinite Love officially came to life in March 2017 with the goal of raising the consciousness of the community. This is where I will share all my work experiences and knowledge on human science, quantum healing and psychology, quantum physic, NLP, and theta healing to help other people empower their lives and become more aware of their own inner power.


Shima Shad Rouh Business and Life Coach heart intelligence facilitator

Infinite Love” is dedicated to all those who seek to train their mind, take care of their body and manage their emotions, specifically or integrally, to achieve higher levels of health, well-being and satisfaction in life.

We are committed to promote health and well-being through the selection of the best courses, conferences, discussion forums, mindfulness activities and natural therapies so that each person can reach their maximum potential and spread the personal benefits to their own environment, both work and family.

We are at the pace of the latest findings related to this area, to offer the best advise and activities in every moment. We support several foundations and offering them free of charge natural treatments, psychotherapy and coaching services. For more information Click here!

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