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Shima Shad Rouh

Your heart knows the way, run in that direction! 

“Rumi, persian poet, 13 century”

Like many of you, my mind was busy for many years looking for solution for human suffering. Being born during the war between Iran and Iraq, after the Islamic revolution in Iran, terror, horror and injustice created my very first childhood memories.

Looking for solutions to end war and establish peace on our beautiful planet to liberate humanity from suffering occupied major part of my mind and led me to long journey of studying philosophy, theology, psychology, quantum physics among my academic education in German literature and philosophy, and master degree in German didactive and educational activities, which was followed later on with business education, consulting, coaching, leadership, NLP ,mindfulness and heart intelligence.

Living in 6 countries, 3 different continents and travelling more than 180 days a year since I was at my very first profession at the age of 19, opened my perspective to life and understanding of human issues.

I learned that separation of spirituality and science is the main source of our miss perception, and if I want to understand the secrets of life, I need to merge this two, science and spirituality together.

Like many others at young age, creating wealth and financial security was the centre of my attention, something I became very good at and begun to advise international private and governmental entities on their overseas expansion and development.

Despite my very busy life style, being an entrepreneur at the age of 23 and having 25 people at my charge, there was a spiritual part in me begging for my attention but my busy life style offered a small gap for deepening in this matter and the understanding of “who I  truly am?”

Awakening to my mission

In 2013, when they gave my Spanish business partner, who was like a true father to me, only a few months to live, something moved in me.

 Cancer developed all over his body, he lost a kidney in chemotherapy and they could not continue with his treatment. I couldn’t simply accept that I was losing him, so I began to study deeper about cancer and the alternative ways to heal it. I read tones of books and watched many interviews of people who healed their cancer in advanced stage with natural treatment and changing their mindset and lifestyle.

The famous book of Louise hay “You can heal your life” became my main mentor and I extracted a strategy for Salvador to heal his body. I have learned the importance of forgiveness on healing disease, meditation to calm the mind and manage the emotions and feeding the body with healthy and high vibrational nutrition. He followed my instructions and as a result and in surprise of all, he healed his body and came back to his active lifestyle.

Learning this information was a start of a new path in my life, to help and reach out many more. From this point on, I have helped many people with cancer, and other so called “un-curable disease” to heal their bodies and witnessed outstanding results.

Despite my passion to help as many people as possible, my business activity occupied most of my time and I couldn’t simply dedicate myself fully to the path of helping others until the manifestation of the next wakeup call, which became a game changer in my life.

Turning Point

In December 2016 I got a shocking phone call informing me that my mum was in coma. They discovered a tumour in her brain and to not create concerns in me, my family decided on biopsy without my information, as the result she went into coma. By this time, I have studied quantum physics and quantum healing and started right away applying the distance treatment on her, a few hours after, she came out of coma. I got myself to Tehran and explained to my family the underlying reason of disease and how to heal the body, I explained the results I have experienced while healing others and asked them to not apply aggressive treatments on my mum.

My family showed great resistance and didn’t allow me to get involve in her treatment, they have continued with another surgery right after the first one, 2 months of radio therapy which caused the 4 times enlargement of the tumour and ended up having another surgery which was followed by big infection in the brain and resulted to another surgery until she finally entered the last stage and passed away in October 2018. 

During this time, I was fighting for her life, frustrated of not being able to communicate easily with my family and not being heard, heart broken of witnessing so much suffering in my mum, a wonderful hero in my life, my soulmate, my role-model, a woman I looked up to my entire life and adored her in every aspects, now was perishing in front of my eyes and I was absolutely helpless. This brought me to realization that, if my family, who come from the same culture, background and  education, cannot understand me and cannot understand how the body functions, then there are millions out there suffering the same issue of lack of information, I have seen a clear my mission here to raise the consciousness of human being about their well-being and understanding of who they truly are, what are their inner powers and how can the live a harmonious, fulfilling life.

Birth of “Infinite Love ” Project

organisation coaching by Infinite Love academy Marbella Malaga Costa del Sol Spain

I have founded “Coaching and Mindfulness Academy Infinite love” in February 2017 and since then I started to share this information with more people.

“Infinite Love Coaching and Mindfulness Academy” is part of the “Infinite Love Project”, health resort, natural retreat centre and Self-sustainable Community.

Soon after working on a deeper level with every person, I recognised a repeating pattering in all of their suffering, this brought me to the idea “if the underlying reason of all type of issues of human being is the same, then there should be 1 practical solution to free humanity from suffering and inviting them to live on a peaceful planet. “

Do you want to know the solution? All starts from You! 

Yesterday I was Clever and I wanted to change the world, today I am wise and am changing myself!    Rumi

The answer to everything is within your heart. I help you to to access the intelligence of your heart and create a lasting change in your life.

My methodology is as below:

I will help you to

  • 1.Clarify your direction by setting a crystal clear vision
  • 2. Strategize your actions
  • 3. Upgrade your Skills
  • 4. Improve your environment
  • 5. Master your psychology
  • 6. Discover limiting believes or traumas on your subconscious level that are sabotaging your success
  • 7. Reprogramming them via Theta-healing, the best method discovered to reprogram the subconscious mind, heal traumas and transform your life

Never is late to create a different future! Make your happiness a priority!              “Shima Shad rouh”

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Shima Shad Rouh Business and Life Coach heart intelligence facilitator

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We are committed to promote health and well-being through the selection of the best courses, conferences, discussion forums, mindfulness activities and natural therapies so that each person can reach their maximum potential and spread the personal benefits to their own environment, both work and family.

We are at the pace of the latest findings related to this area, to offer the best advise and activities in every moment. We support several foundations and offering them free of charge natural treatments, psychotherapy and coaching services. For more information Click here!

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