Mindfulness Academy


Welcome to” Infinite Love“ Mindfulness academy, an academy for research, education, and training in mindfulness. It serves as a medium to bring mindfulness into the mainstream. “Infinite Love” Mindfulness Academy has been established to meet the growing needs of collaboration with educational and profesional institutions, and the training of working professionals in many different fields, especially in the education, health care and human services area.

We are professionals with extensive experience in Life Coaching, training and professional-personal development, born to meet the needs of a wide range of sectors and professional categories. The main objective of our company is to provide coaching and quality development with easy, comfortable, flexible learning in each of the competencies of our offer.

We want to ensure that each person / company can meet their learning, development and training needs by making the most of the effort they devote.

  • Mindfulness in the Company to increase productivity
  • Mindfulness for stress management
  • Mindfulness integral developement
  • Mindfulness and management of emotions
  • Biodanza

  • How to discover your life purpose?
  • How do you discover your passion?
  • How to meditate?
  • Management and prevention of stress
  • How to practice mindfulness in your daily life
  • Techniques to be creative
  • Conflict Resolution

  • Patient care and reception
  • Crisis confrontation and psychological support
  • Management of the aggressive patient
  • Communication of bad news
  • Techniques of consent and persuasion in intervention in crisis
  • Crisis intervention with children
  • Intervention in out-of-hospital suicide
  • Intervention with patients in mourning
  • Debriefing and defusing techniques
  • Psychological intervention in abuse
  • Stress, anxiety and burnout management

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