21-days mirror work challenge


21-days of mirror work insight, exercise, affirmations and journaling exercises.

1  individual online 60-90 minutes coaching and psychotherapy session.

I will offer you 21 days money-back guarantee if the program hasn’t created a change for you. It’s risk-free to sign-up today.

Bonus # 1:  A Life-Changing Blueprint Reveals. The Secret To Discovering Your True North. 48 minutes of video course helping you set a clear direction in your life.

Bonus #2:  Discover the Secrets to Experiencing the Beauty of the Present Moment. 49 minutes of video course helping you to unlock the Keys to a Happier, Calmer, and Fulfilled You.

Bonus #3: Discover How The World’s Top Achievers Dominate Every Aspect Of Their Life With Unshakeable Confidence. 51 minutes of video course helping you lead a happier, fulfilled, and satisfying life.

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You will learn…

  • Loving yourself
  • Monitoring your self-talk
  • Letting go of your past
  • Building self-esteem
  • Releasing your inner critic
  • Loving and healing your inner child
  • Healing your pain body
  • Releasing your anger.
  • Feeling good
  • Overcoming fear
  • How you start your day in the best way
  • Forgiving yourself and those who have hurt you
  • Healing your relationships
  • Living stress-free


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