How psychotherapy helped me overcome a life crisis …

And how it changed my life completely...

When I was 29, I got my heart completely broken. I had a girlfriend at the time and I had the whole thing planned. We were going to get married, have 2 kids, and live in the suburbs. It was the classic family dream. Maybe this sounds boring for some, but in the middle of the comfort zone. 

Then she found another that she had strong feelings for. I didn’t see it coming. I was completely down. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like a neanderthal man without any words to express my feelings and wounds. I just wanted to take a baseball bat and break the kneecaps of this other guy. That seemed like a solution at the time. Luckily, I got to my senses. I was thinking that I really need to know how to work with these emotions…

Sometimes crises are a doorway to change. We just can’t see it when we are in the middle of the storm or hurricane…

Meet Jens Belner

15 years Coaching & psychotherapy experience

54 years of life experience. I’ve been through or heard it all. We all have crisis in life. It’s how we deal with them that is important.

I have been working with spiritual and self-development for the last 20 years. I’m a certified life, business and relationship coach and ID psychotherapist. I’ve been through it all with 54 years of life experience. Marriage, Break-ups, adulatory, dysfunctional and abusive relationships, parenting, being a father, corporate career, burnout, depression, entrepreneur failures, learning and success.

Pursuing my dream life, moved to another country with a one-way ticket and a good fate. Meeting my soul mate, becoming a father again and much more. I have heard all the stories from clients, friends and other psychotherapists. I want to help you and others to enjoy their experience here on planet earth. That’s why we are here. To enjoy our journey as long as it lasts. 

Frequent Asked Questions

About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, life- and relationship coaching can help you through the crises that you experience in life. Some people consider their current state as permanen and some choose to recognize, heal and learn from the crises. 

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, any kind of disorder (state of confusion), life and existential crises, breakups, grieff, abuse issues, low self-esteem or suicidal thoughts you can benefit from psychotherapy. Basically anything that is preventing you from being happy and balanced in your life. Maybe even blissful. We are here to enjoy life, not to suffer. Make an end to any kind of suffering, wounds or wrongful self identifications.

We have 60.000 thoughts a day. 80% of our thoughts are negative or focus on potential threats. 90% of our thoughts are daily repetition. 98% of your thoughts, feelings and emotions aren’t actually yours. As a psychotherapist, I help you see your thoughts and beliefs from a different perspective, so you can be more you. Who you really are beneath everything that you have learned and adapted on the way. A key part is to learn to love yourself with everything that you contain and integrate areas that you have chosen to distance yourself from. Peel off all the layers so you can be happy and connect with your true self. Basically, the therapy process is disidentifying with who you might think you are identifying yourself with at the present moment. 

Generally speaking, coaching is more focused on helping you achieve your future goals, while psychotherapy tends to have more of a past and present focus. … The focus in psychotherapy is more on healing from the past, while the focus in coaching is more on getting you to where you wish to be next.

Counselling usually refers to a brief treatment that centers around behaviour patterns. … Psychotherapy focuses on working with clients for a longer-term and draws from insight into emotional problems and difficulties.

I’m a certified ID Psychotherapist working with 7 different schools of psychotherapy. Beside this I have studied NLP, hypnotherapy, Theta healing, Eckhart Tolle, Joe Dispenza, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and many other methods teachers in the last 20 years. I’m a certified relationship, life and business coach as well. The right method and approach is what is right for you, your personality and your situation

Something that swims around and around in your head and makes you crazy, because you can never figure it out. No matter how hard you try, it remains”unfigureoutable”. One dimension is what Albert Einstein expressed “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”. Another dimension is that something just can’t be figured out by the conscious mind. We have to realize the limitations of the conscious mind as 90% of our total brain function is subconscious and below the surface. 99.9% is energy or non physical matter according to quantum physics. If things are unfigureoutable, we can go below the surface and work with the subconscious mind, transpersonal dimension and the energy.

48 % reported a visit to a mental health professional by someone in their household this year.

91 % said they would likely consult or recommend a mental health professional if they or a family member were experiencing a problem.

Overcome and learn from your crisis and challenges

How happy and fulfilled are you in your life on a scale from 1 to 10?

Life is about being happy, fulfilled, conscious and balanced, with loving relationships with yourself and your loved ones.

At least the aim is to reach a point where you suffer less and are more resourceful in terms of making conscious decisions that are aligned with who you really are. There are many different psychotherapy methods and techniques. I will respectfully offer you the methodology that will be the best fit for you at the current time. We will work with the Roth of your current situation in order to create a lasting change for you and provide you with a methodology that you can utilize for the future as well. 

We work with a 7 step methodology that will make you achieve the result, situation or skills that you want. 

  1. We will clarify your current situation and desired situation
  2. We will work with different methodologies, techniques and exercises that will help you let go and disidentify with current beliefs and perspectives. 
  3. We will work with rewiring techniques enforcing new beliefs and perspectives. 
  4. We will upgrade your knowledge and skills in relevant areas to help you get a deeper understanding of your situation
  5. We will help you optimize your environment and habits 
  6. We will help you master your psychology

We tailor your transformation process from a 7 step methodology Program that will create lasting change through better consciousness, disidentification, new knowledge and skills, an optimized environment and support to master your psychology. 

Healing From Beyond The Subconscious Mind

We tend to think that we can and must figure everything out using our brain. Although the largest part of what is can’t be seen and is not conscious.  Also, 98% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions aren’t actually yours. 

90% of our total brain function is subconscious
  • We tend to think that we can and must figure everything out using our brain. Although the largest part of what is can’t be seen and is not conscious.  Also, 98% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions aren’t actually yours. 

    We have to realize the limitations of the conscious mind as 90% of our total brain function is subconscious and below the surface. 99.9% is energy or non physical matter according to quantum physics. If things are unfigureoutable, we can go below the surface and work with the subconscious mind, transpersonal dimension, the energy or the heart-mind coherence.  

    • ACCESS THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND through deep states of relaxation and hypnotheraphy.
    • Connect with your inner guide and spirit
    • Become conscious about the energy of things and work with them from a purely energetic perspective
    • Create heart-mind coherence and let your heart intelligence guide you.
    • INTEGRATE SHORTER MEDITATIONS to create lasting inner peace.

Who is this for?

This program is tailored for different types of people, age groups, gender and cultures.

People and situations are different, so the content will also be different depending on your situation. 

This program is for men and woman in all ages and from all cultures. You depression situation is different if you are young, mid-age or senior, man or woman and I will start with your actual situation. 

If you are new to psychology or experienced in mastering your psychology, I will tailor the program to you. 

I create a non-judgemental and safe environment for any kind of problem, challenge, limitation or crisis.  Everything is 100% confidential. 

Some groups are more exposed to different kind of problems, challenges, limitations and crises than others with different life situations and experiences. This is why we’ve tailored different parts of the program to suit different age groups and gender. 

“If One Is Truly to Succeed in Leading a Person to a Specific Place, One Must First and Foremost Take Care to Find Him Where He is and Begin There. This is the secret in the entire art of helping.” - Soren Kirkegaard

First step of overcoming crisis

I’m looking forward to learn about your depression situation and help you overcome it, becoming more conscious and happy again.  

30 minutes free session about you

This session is your time. We will clarify your situation. Maybe your crisis, problem, limitation or challenge is unclear or maybe it’s very intense. 

In any case we will talk about your way forward, your intentions, and your experience so far. Your openness to new approaches and how we have created results for others in a similar situation.

The Crisis Breakthrough Program

6 individual result coaching and psychotherapy sessions

This program is a journey into you. Who are you? You will discover and uncover hidden beliefs and thoughts that is standing in the way from you being and feeling happy or at least normal and not depressed. Depending on your intensity and how fast you want to change we will have 6 sessions with 1-2 weeks between. More than half of the change process happens between sessions, so it’s important that you can reserve some time for learning, meditation and exercises every day. 

Workbooks, guide meditations and learning material between sessions.

One key element of any change process is journaling. I recommend that you do daily journaling related to the exercises that you will have. You will learn a lot of new perspectives and way to be in this world. You will learn to master your psychology – if you are willing to do the work. I understand if your crisis is so severe that you are not motivated for doing anything. Don’t worry, we will do everything in your phase – starting with you – right now. 

Total budget for the crisis breakthrough program is 1500€ or 2 x 800€
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