Relationship Workshops & Retreats

Retreat in Axarquia 30th of August-1st of September:
Relationship Transformation

Deepening Your Love is an experiential, practical, as well as soulful weekend retreat for couples and singles in Axarquia, near Malaga!
The focus is to help you as partners open your hearts, renew connection, and build trust, respect and intimacy.
In a safe atmosphere of mindfulness, and self exploration, you will successfully transform many of the issues with which all couples struggle:
Intimacy, couple communication, conflict, meeting each other’s needs, and making time for pleasure

Whether you are in a loving relationship & want to discover how you can take it even further, with deeper connection & love or you are in a struggling relationship, maybe your relationship is heading the wrong way and you want to learn a new perspective on your crises and tools to fix it or move on, or you are single and want to learn more about yourself & design a vision of your ideal relationship, learn tools to avoid repeating old patterns, this workshop is for you.

Some of the results you will experience after the workshop:
Create a secure emotional connection
Build a zone of safety and trust
End the painful dynamic
Learn how to resolve conflict fast
Get your needs met.
Heal old hurts and restore trust
End recurring fights
Feel deeply understood
Create a mutually inspiring vision
Become a team

Presented by: Our certified and highly skilled relationship coaches : Shima Shad Rouh & Jens Belner

Accommodation includes: 

  • 2 nights at 4**** hotel in Axarquia
  • 2 Buffet breakfast
  • 1 Coffee break
  • 1 Lunch at the hotel
  • 1 Tapas cooking & Dinner
  • 1 Dinner at nice place
  • Adventure activity – Bike or hike tour
  • Transfer from / to the hotel.
Price for the Relationship weekend with accommodation package
per person 860€

Transform your Relationship to a more loving connection in just one weekend

  • Create a compelling vision for your relationship 
  • Everybody want to feel loved, but how?
  • Forgive yourself and others to be free
  • Break your unhealthy patterns
  • Learn to work as a team
  • Learn to communicate in a loving and effective way
  • Appreciation will give you more of the things you want

Price for the Relationship workshop only: 390€ per person 

(If you want to book the hotel yourself) 

We create a loving and positive atmosphere with a good mix of heart, mind and body energies.

When you choose a program with us you are guaranteed 

  • A non-judgmental atmosphere of safety and relaxation.

  • Well-informed presentations

  • Time for connection with others in your workshop

  • Skillful facilitation of personal as well as group dynamics

  • Practical approaches to daily living and problem-solving.

  • Heart-centered methodologies – arising from years of soulful living and a loving commitment to personal transformation.

  • You Won’t Have to Share Anything You Don’t Want To!

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