Men Empowerment Program

Look inside and discover your inner strength

Men are good at creating a shield to protect us. I know what I’m talking about. I’ve spent a great deal of my life creating my shield. I first got it from my father, who wouldn’t let anything or anything out of his shield. He was a classic “woodman”. I would like to invite you on a journey to discover your inner strength…

Empower your inner strength

Look inside and discover your true self. Overcome beliefs, behaviour and patterns that are not ours. Change your fake shield with inner strength. Love who you really are and create true loving relationships. Own and embrace your crises – fear, failure, mistakes, depression, guilt, shame, anxiety, abuse and life crises. Empower yourself and give yourself an upgrade.

You are not your story. I’m not my story. We keep repeating unhealthy patterns and enforce our form. Who we think we are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Why not enjoy it fully. That is the purpose. That’s why we are here. Enjoy the experience. There is no good or bad experience. It all depends on our perspective. What are you thinking right now? What kind of thoughts are you feeding your brain. Are you aware of your thoughts? Is it the tail waking the dog or the dog waking the tail?

Meet Jens Belner

15 years Coaching & Psychotherapy experience

54 years of life experience. I’ve been through or heard it all. We all have crisis in life. It’s how we deal with them that is important.

I have been working with spiritual and self-development for the last 20 years. I’m a certified life, business and relationship coach and ID psychotherapist. I’ve been through it all with 54 years of life experience. Marriage, Break-ups, adulatory, dysfunctional and abusive relationships, parenting, being a father, corporate career, burnout, depression, entrepreneur failures, learning and success.

Pursuing my dream life, moved to another country with a one-way ticket and a good fate. Meeting my soul mate, becoming a father again and much more. I have heard all the stories from clients, friends and other psychotherapists. I want to help you and others to enjoy their experience here on planet earth. That’s why we are here. To enjoy our journey as long as it lasts.

Some challenges related to men


Anger management

The phrase, “anger management” usually refers to a program of techniques and exercises designed to help a person gain control of excessive anger or rage. While expressing anger can be a healthy release of frustration, uncontrolled rage – such as a fist through the wall, things thrown about, cars driven erratically – can lead to family problems, health issues, job difficulties, legal problems, and worse.


Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are finally being acknowledged as more than “woman’s issues”, encouraging men to seek treatment. In a world in which men have for so long been expected to be strong and silent, those with anxiety or depression might hold those feelings tight and self-medicate. This can lead to addictions, violence, relationship problems, and other debilitating behaviors.


Domestic violence

Don’t let the term “domestic violence” fool you. Sometimes called “domestic abuse,” it doesn’t always mean physical violence. And, it isn’t always directed at women, men can be victims too. Although some men suffer victimization from domestic violence in silence—believing that a real man will just deal with it and not burden others—you don’t have to be alone


Being a good father

Being a good father means more these days than just bringing home the paycheck or providing the discipline. More and more, men are being asked to take on a nurturing role. This is good news as it means that men will be able to bond more completely with their children and children will get to know their father as a whole person.

0 %
of men suffer from depression
0 %
of men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives
0 %
of men have substance abuce. 40%
0 %
of domestic violence victims are male

Some more men related challenges


Anger management

Family dynamics addresses the many issues that come into play between ourselves and our families; whether it’s our family of origin, our “forever” family, or a family we’ve chosen for ourselves.


Anxiety and depression

Stress is a big issues for everyone. 77 percent experience stress that affects their physical health. Although men are less stressed than women, men have a harder time sharing and dealing with stress. Men are more likely to withdraw socially when stressed. Studies have also shown that stress-related to home, work, and relationships is a leading cause of psychological impotence


Domestic violence

Marriage and, likewise, committed relationships where the mind, body, and spirit are fully involved, can’t thrive long on passion alone. They require work, nurture, and skill in order to remain strong, loving, and growing. Marriage coaching can provide the knowledge and support relationships need to survive the test of time.


Being a good father

The stereotypical mid-life crisis in men includes fast cars, younger women, risk-taking, a second boyhood. These actions were often ways to buoy a man’s diminishing sense of strength, power, and significance. The reality of a mid-life crisis, while it may include some of these things, involves a bit more soul-searching.

The Men Empowerment program

We work with a 5 step methodology that will make you achieve the results you want: We will help you create a crystal clear vision and direction, strategize your actions and make a plan, Upgrade your skills and apply your new learning, Optimizing your environment and habits. We help you master your psychology.

This Men Empowerment program is for men who want to live a more empowered life in their careers, in their financial life, in their relationships with women, in their relationships with friends and family, and in their relationships with themselves.

This course will help you to be clearer about what your purpose is and how to practically express that in the world. It will help you to be more confident with women, whether you’re single and dating, or in a long-term relationship. And it will help you develop a deep and lasting natural confidence.

The course moves through the following primary topic areas:

  • Being a man of presence
  • Having integrity in all things
  • Living purposefully
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Embracing a healthy model of masculinity
  • Maintaining good physical health
  • Creating the community and tribe around you that you

wantThis course is for men who are fed up with patterns of disempowerment in their lives. It’s for men who are ready to draw a line in the sand and say ENOUGH!

It’s for men who want to wake up each day and be full of joy at the work they’re going to go out and do in the world, who want to relate to women not from a place of neediness but from a place of authenticity and true confidence, and who want to feel greater strength and power within themselves, knowing that their self-worth is not dependent on the approval of anyone else.I look forward to serving you powerfully.


These challenges can also affect men


Unhealthy habits

We’ve all seen the effects of unhealthy habits; whether covered on entertainment and news blogs, or within our own circle of family and friends. We know that excessive use of unhealthy substances can lead to consequences such as violent behavior, drunken driving, poor performance at work, strained and failed relationships and, at the worst, extreme isolation or death.


Sex and intimacy

Sex and intimacy are important for a loving, healthy, and caring relationship. But sometimes, our body image, inhibitions, past trauma, or physical abilities become stumbling blocks that won’t allow us to express our feelings and desires in the way we’d like. We get stuck in unfulfilling patterns, frozen in fear, anxious about how to talk about it or create a satisfying intimate life.


Sexual addiction

While seldom diagnosed and treated, it’s estimated that up to 10% of men struggle with a sexual compulsion or addiction. It can manifest in a variety of ways. The costs of sex addiction, though less evident than alcoholism or gambling, are as pernicious for the addict as for those who love him: divorce, shame, anxiety, depression, and escalation of behaviour sometimes leading to criminal behaviour.


PTSD and Traumatic experience

Traumatic experiences can have long-term effects that manifest themselves in psychological and physiological ways, having a direct impact on emotional and physical well-being. Men, in particular, are trained to “suck it up” when it comes to recovering from a traumatic experience. This can lead to episodes of abrupt anger, hypersensitivity, anxiety, conflict in relationships, and addictions.

We talk about everything that you want to share. There are no tabus. I believe that putting the dark side in the spotlight will transform and heal it. If there were no dark sides, you would like a peaceful enlightened life. If you think that your challenges are unique. Think again. There are a lot of other men that share the same challenges.

Who is this for?

This program is for MEN ONLY

However, situations are different, so the content will also be different depending on your situation.

This program is for men in all ages and from all cultures. You situation is different if you are young, mid-age or senior, man or woman and I will start with your actual situation.

If you are new to psychology or experienced in mastering your psychology, I will tailor the program to you.

If you ask the average man what he considers to be his biggest challenge as a man, you’re likely to hear any of the following: Marriage, Lust/pornography, Finances,
Job stress, Raising teenagers, Communication, Time management and Procrastination. We talk about everything, the feelings of guilt and shame. The shadow sides.

I want to create a safe and non-judgemental space for your to transform and empower yourself.

I’m looking forward to learning about your challenges and visions, want’s desires and help you become more conscious and get to the place that you want to be.

Man to Man talk

30-45 minutes free session about you

This session is your time. We will clarify your situation. Maybe your challenges and visions are unclear or maybe they are very intense.

In any case we will talk about your way forward, your intentions, and your experience so far. Your openness to new approaches and how we have created results for others in a similar situation.

There is no size fits all. All programs are fitted to your situation, your experience in mastering your psychology and previous experiences with coaching and psychotherapy. Maybe you are new to working with a coach and psychotherapist and maybe you are experienced in this kind of work. Anyhow, I will meet you where you are today and help you get where you want to be in a step by step process that fits your personality.

Is the John Wayne role model still alive? – Is it serving the modern man to have this role model. Who is your modern man role model? – If not, who is the modern man role model. What are your key attributes of the modern man?

John Wayne still lives as a masculine role model in many cultures, countries, and professions. It’s especially common among men working in life-threatening professions like the military, police force, and firefighters. The John Wayne Syndrome is often related to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

The John Wayne Syndrome

Maybe you already know who John Wayne was?

He was a classic cowboy lonely rider hero in the ’50 and the ’60s. John Wayne Syndrome is a term that has been frequently used, although less in the decades since the actor died. The name is derived from how closely common qualities of the syndrome resemble qualities in many of the characters that Wayne played on screen. His characters were usually tough, heroic, no-nonsense cowboys who showed little emotion or hesitancy when facing dangerous outlaws in the old west. Those characters frequently had the moral high-ground and were willing to fight to the bitter end, even if out-gunned and alone.

This archetype of the “lone hero” is one that has been associated with John Wayne Syndrome because it mirrors the feelings of isolation associated with the syndrome’s mindset.

The John Wayne attitude is characterized by:

  • Over-seriousness
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Coldness
  • Authoritarian attitudes
  • The development of ‘tunnel vision’
  • CynicismKeeps feelings to himselfAttempt to deal with their problems alone
  • Lonely rider

Maybe you can recognize one or more attributes of the John Wayne Syndrome or maybe you can recognize this in your husband, father, your boss, or other men in your network.

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