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" There are, many wonderful coach--competent and truly helpful. Shima belongs to a very small subset of that group: the rare and magical! I can´t cunt the numerous small victories I achieved with Shima by my side; physically, in my personal journey, my relationship with other and in my business. I navigate in lifewith greater serenity, strength and a much more depth of emotional insight. She brings to the surface fundamental truths and gently helps you to feel them, think them, for yourself with a trove of tools to question, to grow, to explore and take action- I couldn't ask for a greater gift."

James rules

" Shima is a world class Coach, combining the heart and the mind with a strong focus on results. It is the first time that I experience any coach that really understand and utilize all the dimensions of heart, mind and body intelligence. The coaching was a key factor in my achievements, reaching my true dreams and goals. Thank you. I can only recommend this new way of coaching, perspective and approach. It's the coaching of the 21st century, where everyone can have a extraordinary life if they have the dream and passion to transform their life. "

Katarina Kaliska

"I can not thank enough shima and her wonderful presentation for giving me a chance to identify and think about the sources of stress in my life and how to manage them. It literally is a life-changing experience! Totally recommend."

Thomas Johansson

"I’ve been very fortunate to have Shima helping me with my business and how to create an even better experience for my clients. She is very professional and knowledgeable and I can strongly recommend her help."

India Keely

The workshop led by the charismatic and wise Shima was a hugely joyful,immersive & insightful experience. At the end of the session I left with ¾ finished board, a worksheet defining the 9 areas to be developed & a head and heart full of dreams & renewed purpose.However, it was after that the real ‘magic’ began to happen for me. What was immediately clear to me when I came to review my Vision Board was that it was a chaotic mess. The three centres pertaining to family, loved ones & ancestors had totally run across the board leaving little to no space for the 6 remaining areas of my life.This was a wake-up call for me. As a mother, daughter and sister I will not be at all unusual in having prioritised my family over my career development, creativity and health in the past. But here is was laid out in front of me,& it became abundantly clear that I had to do something about this. I had to have more clarity and focus on what I wanted my future to be and I had to put some boundaries in place.  And so, I did. I recreated my Vision Board from scratch, meditating on each of the areas & carefully choosing images that would resonate with me.One month on I am delighted to say that things are manifesting beautifully. I have my board pinned up in my work space, and see it every morning.I also have much greater clarity on what I need to do & how to best achieve it & the universe keeps opening doors for me This is powerful stuff.

Peter Buresten

" We at Marbella Estates have had several business coaching sessions with Shima and her team. We are truly very happy with the coaching and the professionalism and would recommend this to anyone looking to improve themselves and their business.

Mette Reff Kafton

Being at a place in my life where i have lost everything, family, job, place to live, and been under a lot of stress for many years and major crisis. I was so lucky to meet Shima and her wonderful team from “Infinite love” mindfulness academy which have been life changing for me.

Shima's extremely professionalism and great knowledge combined with her way to communicate, understand the circumstances and deliver the message so it relevant, easy to understand and very much hands on, means that she have started a positive change i my mind set. How to see the world, and how to change my life...not just here and now, but at a much deeper plan so it will be a part of my life...the rest of my life. Shima and her team have planted the most wonderful seeds that will grow into the most beautiful garden. I Will forever be her grateful 🙏❤️

Thank you for giving me the seeds for a new wonderful life ❤️❤️❤️If you want a change in your life, either personal or professional, shima and her team WILL be the right choice, to guarantee success 🙏! Totally recommend."

Carmen zineb Dbaich

La experiencia de Biodanza y Mindfulness en plena naturaleza fue simplemente impresionante. Desde la caminata, los paisajes, las personas con las que tuve el placer de compartir esta experiencia, las actividades y por supuesto Alejandra y Shima, 2 grandes profesionales y grandes personas con un enorme corazón. 
Recomiendo 100% esta experiencia y por mi parte por supuesto que la repetiré todas las veces que pueda, no sólo desconectas sino reconectas contigo mismo, con la naturaleza, con el momento presente y con El Niño interior que muchos dejamos de lado.
Igualmente recomiendo a cualquiera que se encuentra estancad@ en su vida profesional o personal que contacte con Shima y no dude en contar con ella para ayudarte resolver las crisis profesionales más complejas. Siento repetirme, pero estoy encantada con la gran persona y gran coach que es y el trabajo que estamos haciendo es realmente impresionante. Mil gracias Shima

Shima Shad Rouh Founder of Infinite Love Coaching academy

Shima Shad Rouh

Founder & CEO

"We are born with a mission and the urge to accomplish this mission is inside the heart of each and all of us!"

Shima is a passionate Entrepreneur, Executive & Business Coach, Heart-Intelligence Facilitator, Certified Relationship Coach, Motivational Speaker & Founder of Coaching & Mindfulness Academy Infinite Love.

She has more than 15 years experience in International Business Development Organisational & Individual Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring. She speak English, Spanish, German & Persian Fluently, travelled more than 180 days a year for the past 15 years & lived in 6 different countries & 3 continents. Apart of her academic study & master degree in Didactic & Educational Activities, she has studied NLP( Neuro-linguistic- programming), Organisation Coaching,  Leadership Mindset training, Relationship Coaching, Communication, Mindfulness, Psychology  &  among them also Quantum Physics…Continue Reading

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