The “Unstoppable Mompreneur Success Formula” Master Class

It’s Time for you to build your true gifts…

Build your confidence…

& finally be able to live the life you were meant to live.

Ever wondered as a woman after taking on all the responsibilities…

Where are you in your life?

Ask yourself!

What about your dreams?

What about your purpose?

What about your career?

What about your mission?

The thing is you deserve to have the best career…

You deserve to live the best life.

Yet, because of limiting beliefs…

Lack of confidence…

No support or guidance…

You feel stuck!

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

If that’s you…

Then you’re not alone.

I know what it takes to build a successful business as a mom…

I know what it takes to get your confidence back and live your dream life again.

I did it for myself and I am going to show you as well.


On 6th December I am doing a special Masterclass called The Unstoppable Mompreneur Success Formula-

Where you will discover-


1- The Number one secret to improving your health, your relationship, and your finances!

2-  Create a crystal-clear vision for your ideal future!

3- Understand the underlying limiting beliefs, fears, insecurities, and blockages that slow down your process of achieving your goal & Learn how to overcome them!


On top of all this a special Q & A to help you live your best life and answer your most important question.

I am ready to help you make the most important shift in your life so you can-


1- Gain your lost confidence 

2- Start living your purpose 

3- Make your dreams become a reality.

4- Help you reconnect with your greatest version.


I know as a mom things aren’t as easy as it looks on the outside.

But it’s all possible and I will show you how on 6th December-


Who is this class for?

  • Who would like to become Financially & Emotionally independent?
  • Who is willing to claim your power back & reconnect with yourself?
  • Who is ready to let go of bad habits and develop a healthy lifestyle?
  • Who would like to discover her true gifts & share it with others?

Save your spot before all the seats are taken and get exclusive bonuses during the Masterclass.

I will see you on the inside.


About the host- 

This workshop can be the beginning of your life transformation journey. 

A journey that is presented by Shima Shad Rouh who has walked the path herself. 

Shima is a Business & Life Empowerment Coach, CEO at Infinite Love, Trauma Therapist, Theta healer, Akashic Channeler, Heart-intelligence Facilitator, and the Author of “Infinite Love”

Shima has helped numerous women & men in their journey of transformation, utilizing the power of Coaching, Psychology, Theta healing, Akashic healing, Heart Intelligence, Self-love coaching, and many other advanced and ground-breaking methods.

The basis for this program is described in Shima’s book “Infinite love – My journey to a scientific-spiritual solution for an empowered life”

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