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Heart-Centred Business Coaching Program

The Heart of Successful Business

How can this heart-centred business coaching program help you?

As a heart-centred business coach, my goal is to help entrepreneurs tap into the power of their passions and create a successful, fulfilling business.

I believe that success starts with a strong foundation of self-awareness and self-love. Just as a house must have a sturdy foundation to withstand the elements, so too must a business be built on a foundation of inner strength and clarity.

So, I work with my clients to help them uncover their unique gifts, values, and passions. I help them get clear on their purpose and create a vision for their business that aligns with who they are at their core.

With this foundation in place, we then focus on creating a business that truly serves the heart. One that brings joy and fulfilment, not just financial success.

This is where the magic happens. When you build a business that truly aligns with your heart, you become a magnet for success. You attract the right clients, opportunities, and resources because you are in flow with the universe.

This heart-centred approach to business is not just about making more money. It’s about creating a life of purpose, joy, and abundance in all areas. It’s about being the fullest expression of yourself and making a positive impact in the world.

So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level and create a life you love, I’d be honoured to be your guide. Let’s start the journey today, and unleash the power of your heart-centred business!

What will you learn from a Heart-centred business coaching program?

  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery and unleash the limitless potential of your heart-centred business with a Heart-centred business coaching program. This transformative program promises to guide you towards a path of abundance, joy, and purpose.
  • Step into a world where creativity flows as a river and ideas soar like birds in the sky. With the guidance of a Heart-centred coach, you will learn to tap into the power of your intuition and unlock the secrets of success that lie within.
  • Imagine a world where your decisions are made from a place of love, where your goals are aligned with your passions, and where every challenge is seen as an opportunity for growth. This is the world that awaits you in a Heart-centred business coaching program.
  • Say goodbye to the days of stress, frustration, and self-doubt. In this program, you will learn to quiet the noise of your mind and listen to the whispers of your heart. You will develop a deeper connection with yourself and your business, allowing you to make decisions that align with your true purpose.
  • A Heart-centred business coaching program is like a roadmap to success, with the coach serving as a compass, guiding you towards your destination. The journey may be bumpy at times, but with the support and encouragement of your coach, you will emerge from each obstacle stronger, more resilient, and more confident than ever before.
  • You will learn to harness the power of your emotions, use them as a driving force for success, and create a business that nourishes not only your bank account but also your soul. A Heart-centred business coaching program is an invitation to a life of abundance, happiness, and fulfilment.
  • Take the first step towards realizing your true potential, join a Heart-centred business coaching program today!

“Infinite Love” became my philosophy, and everyone’s heart became my temple.” – Shima Shad Rouh

Outline for the Heart-centred business coaching program.

Introduction to Heart-centred Business Coaching

1. Overview of the program and its objectives

2. Setting the stage for a transformative journey

3. Unlocking the power of the heart

Connecting with Your Inner Self

1. Understanding the impact of emotions on business decisions

2. Learning to quiet the mind and tap into intuition

3. Developing a deeper connection with your values and purpose

Harnessing the Power of Emotions

1. Identifying and managing emotions in the workplace

2. Using emotions as a driving force for success

3. Creating a harmonious balance between heart and mind

Aligning Business Goals with Passion and Purpose

1. Discovering your true passions

2. Setting meaningful and fulfilling business goals

3. Building a roadmap to success that aligns with your heart

Developing Your Business Strategy

1. Create a crystal clear vision and business mission

2. Setting Goals & Objectives

3. Creating a Business Plan

4. Utilizing Customer Research & Analysis

Clarify and improve your leadership skills

1. Boost your business & personal strengths

2. Business and personal weakness zapper

3. Problem-solving and decision making

Boost your productivity

1. Personal productivity and time management

2. Interruption blaster

3. Delegate identifier

4. Action priority matrix

5. Live balance and energy 6. Discover hidden challenges that are sabotaging

Overcoming Obstacles and Embracing Challenges

1. Understanding the role of challenges in personal and business growth

2. Developing resilience and a growth mindset

3. Turning obstacles into opportunities for growth

4. Creating a Heart-centred Business

5. Designing a business model that nourishes the soul

6. Building a business that aligns with your values and purpose

7. Living a life of abundance, happiness, and fulfillment

Conclusion and Next Steps

1. Reflecting on the journey so far

2. Embracing the future with confidence and positivity

3. Continuing the journey towards heart-centred success.

As the total program content is extensive, the program content and focus will be tailored to the individual situation and the current need of the participants.

““Elevated Emotion” is the result of creating coherence in the heart.” – Shima Shad Rouh

Who can benefit from a Heart-centred business coaching program?

Heart-centred business coaching is a powerful tool that can help individuals and organizations achieve success, happiness, and fulfilment. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, a start-up founder, or simply looking to make a positive impact in your work and life, this program can benefit you in a multitude of ways.

For those who are seeking to align their personal values and purpose with their business goals, heart-centred business coaching can provide a roadmap to success. It offers a unique perspective on how to create a business model that not only generates profits but also nourishes the soul. By connecting with your inner self and harnessing the power of emotions, you can design a business that aligns with your values, passions, and purpose.

For those who are facing challenges and obstacles in their business, heart-centred business coaching provides a path forward. By developing a growth mindset, embracing challenges, and turning obstacles into opportunities, you can overcome any barrier that may be standing in your way. You will learn to harness the power of resilience and become an unstoppable force in the world of business.

For those who are seeking a more harmonious balance between work and life, heart-centred business coaching offers a chance to create a life of abundance, happiness, and fulfilment. By aligning your business goals with your passions and purpose, you can create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. Whether you are looking to achieve financial freedom, spend more time with loved ones, or simply live a life that is true to your values, this program can help you get there.

In short, heart-centred business coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. Whether you are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, seeking to overcome obstacles, or looking to align your life with your values, this program can help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.


“Together we can make a difference!
Start today to create a better future by taking responsibility for the vibration that you are emitting in this world.
Look after your emotions and decide to vibrate beautiful energy for the good of yourself and others.”
Shima Shad Rouh


Your Heart-centred business coach

Shima Shad Rouh

Shima, the embodiment of heart-centered business coaching, is a beacon of light for entrepreneurs seeking growth and fulfillment. With a Master’s in Education and expertise in NLP, Leadership, Relationship Coaching, and Quantum Physics, Shima is a master of empowering individuals to overcome adversity and elevate their quality of life.

A polyglot with over two decades of global experience, Shima’s unique perspective is the perfect fusion of intellect and intuition. She weaves a tapestry of knowledge, crafting bespoke journeys for her clients towards success and satisfaction.

Driven by a personal calling after her mother’s diagnosis with a brain tumor, Shima founded the Infinite Love project to raise awareness about health and well-being. She is unwavering in her mission to make a positive impact on the world, using her vast experience to empower those around her.

As a Heart-intelligence facilitator and the creator of the Infinite Love Coaching Academy and Holistic Health Resort, Shima is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs flourish and soar, guided by the rhythm of their own beating hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Heart-centred business coaching program?

A Heart-centred business coaching program is a personalized approach to help entrepreneurs and business leaders align their business practices with their core values and purpose, leading to greater fulfillment, success, and positive impact in their personal and professional lives.

How is Heart-centred business coaching different from traditional business coaching?

Unlike traditional business coaching that primarily focuses on strategy and performance, Heart-centred business coaching integrates a holistic and spiritual perspective that prioritizes personal growth and well-being, creating a harmonious balance between the head and the heart.

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and individuals seeking a more meaningful and purpose-driven approach to their business and life.

What can I expect from a Heart-centred business coaching program?

You can expect to gain deeper self-awareness, identify and align with your core values and purpose, cultivate greater emotional intelligence, and integrate sustainable business practices that bring fulfillment and success.

What are the benefits of a Heart-centred business coaching program?

The benefits of a Heart-centred business coaching program include increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence, improved relationships and communication, heightened creativity and innovation, and a more fulfilling and purpose-driven business and life.

How long does the program take to complete?

The length of the program varies depending on the individual’s needs and goals. However, most Heart-centred business coaching programs are structured for a minimum of 6-12 months.

What is the structure of the program like?

The program typically consists of one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops, and personal assignments designed to deepen your self-awareness and alignment with your core values and purpose.

What qualifications does a Heart-centred business coach have?

A Heart-centred business coach should have formal training and certification in business coaching and have a strong understanding of personal and spiritual development.

Can I combine Heart-centred business coaching with other forms of therapy or coaching?

Absolutely, Heart-centred business coaching can complement and enhance other forms of therapy or coaching, as it integrates a holistic approach to personal and professional growth.
How do I choose a Heart-centred business coach?

It’s important to choose a Heart-centred business coach who aligns with your values, has relevant experience and expertise, and who you feel comfortable sharing your personal and professional journey with. Consider reaching out for a consultation to assess their coaching style and approach before committing to a program.

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Signup today to reserve your spot. 

You will have a complete moneyback guarantee until the first session.
Once you have signed up, you will be contacted for a schedule that suits your agenda. 





Signup today to reserve your spot. 

You will have a complete moneyback guarantee until the first session.
Once you have signed up, you will be contacted for a schedule that suits your agenda. 

Your can use your private sessions between the programs. 

Infinite Love

My Journey To Better Health Relationship And Finances Applying A Scientific-Spiritual Approach.

In this book, Shima has a whole chapter dedicated to self-love - A fundamental solution to our suffering - the foundation of a happy and fulfilling Relationship. It all starts with self-love.

“Infinite Love” is a fascinating and inspiring memoir by Shima Shad Rouh. Born during the war between Iran and Iraq in Tehran, Shima’s life was marked by extraordinary challenges and a lifelong dedication to finding solutions for human suffering. Through her journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, she developed powerful tools that have transformed her own life and the lives of many others. In this book, Shima shares her ideology and teachings, which she crafted through years of in-depth research in science and spirituality.

She addresses essential questions such as:

  • Who are we?
  • What is our purpose here?
  • How can we live to our fullest potential and manifest our desired outcomes?
  • How can we improve our health and set our bodies on auto-healing mode?
  • How can we break free from financial blockages and create sustainable wealth?
  • How can we experience true love in our relationships?
  • How can we create a peaceful world in a practical and enhanced way?
  • And, how can we look within and ask our “inner guru” for guidance?

Book a discovery session with

Shima Shad Rouh

I have more than 20 years of experience and knowledge to tailor the best approach and solution to your current situation and life path.My general methodology is as below:

I will help you to:

  • Clarify your direction by setting a crystal-clear vision
  • Strategize your actions
  • Upgrade your Skills
  • Improve your environment
  • Master your psychology
  • Discover limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success and learn how to transform them into empowering beliefs and move freely toward your desire

During a discovery session, I can help you clarify your direction and vision. Find the things that are stopping your or holding you back and make a clear plan. Book this empowering 60 minutes session that has a value/price of 150€.

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Discover her unique scientific-spiritual approach to enhancing your health, nurturing relationships, and transforming your financial well-being.

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